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the developers who were a good idea for post this In the next mid-chapter

the developers who were a good idea for post this In the next mid-chapter update, we will be changing core elements of The Doctor's gameplay. He's been a polarizing figure since his release, and we felt it was time to revisit his kit to make it less frustrating to play against him.the developers who they talk about these only survivors players who do talk like this ' did not realize deaf players who play as the doctor his power to see a survivor where they hide from him. now new power is not couldn't help these players anymore. The new ability replacing Static Field is called "Static Blast"; this is mapped to the Active Ability button. After charging the ability for a short duration, it releases a blast of static electricity throughout The Doctor’s entire Terror Radius. Any Survivors caught in the area of effect are shocked causing them to scream and acquire an amount of Madness. If their Madness level increases, they also reveal their location to The Doctor as usual. 

While charging Static Blast, The Doctor's movement is significantly reduced, and the ability has a long cooldown. The idea behind the design of Static Blast is to make it powerful as a location tool, but very difficult to use while in a chase, hence the limitations on its use. 

As Shock Therapy and Static Blast are now linked to separate inputs, we've removed the different Treatment and Punishment stances to improve the gameplay flow. The Doctor's base movement speed is still 4.6 m/s (the "regular" movement speed for most Killers), but he can now use Shock Therapy more easily as he doesn't have to switch stances to gain access to it. So we've added a brief pause after using Shock Therapy before he can attack or use another ability. THe Ruin is hard to do but again who the developers they talk about the Ruin only survivors players because use same language in notes Its punishment of new players or those who can't hit Great Skill Checks. Newer players trying to help veterans with generator repairs tend to make the situation worse rather than bette. The new Hex: Ruin is simple: 

All Generators are affected by Ruin; if a Generator is not being worked on, it regresses at [1/1.5/2] times the normal regression rate. 

The Hex effect persists as long as the related Hex Totem is standing. 

This version of the perk has many benefits: 

  • Survivors who are working on generators are unaffected as the perk no longer affects Skill Checks. 
  • Killers must be active in pushing Survivors off generators to get value from it. 
  • It is less useful in the early game, but very useful in the late game. Survivors now have a more interesting choice about when it is necessary to find and cleanse the Hex Totem. 

the first game in PTB as the new doctor was bad but the survivors were saves with me. I am in red rank in PTB how that happened? I think happened is I was playing this game long time 4 years to I was started to play this game and that why I am in red rank in Place in PTB The new doctor does he after use electricity on you still he could grab you on generator or he just have to wait for 3 for grabbing off the generator? I was worked on a generator and the doctor does something at the generator I on then I was startled me but I still on the generator and he just grabbed that I wonder that. why the developers who want to make the doctor players they have to choose what use his electricity or hitting a survivor and can't do both? oh yes, THe Developers say eye to making it less frustrating to play against him." for survivors players just for them make happy not for doctors players. I sorry last night survivors I did not play just look in around a new map. the Doctor he can't get to you high level like standing on rock.


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