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Braggin' Rights PS4 Tournament

fnordromphfnordromph Member Posts: 1

With Space ESports dropping Dead By Daylight from their tournaments and seeing the popularity of the DBD PS4 Tournaments by the players and viewers, we’ve decided to pick up what they dropped! Starting on February 1st, 2020 we will be bringing our “Braggin’ Rights” Tournaments on a semi-monthly basis! Myself (fnordromph), Crazyredboy, Nsirt83 & GenericAnonUser have banded together to bring the people what they want! Please go follow ! More info will come on stream and in DISCORD. Please join the discord: ! We wanna make this big and with your participation and support we can get there! We do have more than half the competitors from the last Space Esports PS4 DBD Tournament including the back to back winner SurskittIes himself involved.

We’re looking for sponsors, participants and even viewers to entertain! You fit in one if not ALL of those categories for sure! Thanks for your consideration and I hope to see you involved in some way or form.

If you’re interested in making or joining a future team we’d love to have you!

Fnord –

Crazy –

Nsirt –

Gen –

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