A suggestion to deranking killers, stop.

Kalec84Kalec84 Member Posts: 410

I dont know if tou notice, but i'll male it simple, devs balance the game around low rank survivors "fun"

If you go with your skill against potatoes, devs will see that as:"this killer is op on low ranks" ragardless of who is using it.

Tldr: if you dont want more nerfs than wjat we are already having, please stop deranking willingfully.

Hope i made myself clear....


  • RickJamesRickJames Member Posts: 65

    Yeah I've been playing for a little over a month and I made it to red ranks. To be fair I was playing strong killers but I realized I didn't enjoy them, so I started playing killers that I enjoy and its miserable. Hope they do something about the ranks because its super annoying going against some of these 3k - 5k hour teams while only having about 100ish hours.

  • DeathBeamDeathBeam Member Posts: 177

    There's no point in deranking since red and purple ranks are filled with potatoes and with the terrible matchmaking for months.

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 556

    Well, I deranked out of no ill-will of my own, simply because I was trying to learn Nurse and my failures sank me down ladder. Still, I have had matches where I was mismatched with red ranks survivors who were hilariously bad, even worse than my Nurse. Rank is increasingly meaningless.


    ive deranked a little but I don’t like losing either so I mainly deranked because of challenges in the archive or because the killer was a weaker one, I went down 3 levels trying to get all 4 survivors killed in basement hooks 😂 good old basement insidious trapper.

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 702

    Maybe I'll do this too, I've been wanting to learn nurse, and also would like to derank to be able to get the killer adepts.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,723

    I used this technique to get Adept Nurse on PS4. I waited for (the old) rank reset, switched to Nurse and played my very best. I sank all the way to the bottom of Rank 16 using my lack of skill alone and pretty much stayed there until I got the trophy. I had many, many heavy defeats in rank 16.

    I'm never playing console Nurse again!

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 343

    You don't have to derank. You will face red rank survivors often and purple rank survivors every match as a yellow rank killer. And those gentlemen will bully the [BAD WORD] out of you, then talk trash at end game chat.

    After the Ruin Nerf the new threads will be: "Someone please play killer, I've been waiting in a lobby for 4 hours"

  • DemiurgDemiurg Member Posts: 88
    edited January 20

    This position not solve the problem: "if you want more nerfs". Devs care only about low rank survivors fun, so killers must care about only there fun and only and play on ranks where balance work normal. No need to play on ranks where you cant win, let the devs play on killers on that ranks with balance they made.

  • honestlybaffledhonestlybaffled Member Posts: 175

    A few days ago, I've played agaisn't a real good nurse that was trying to derank because she claimed that a dev said "if you can't play without ruin, you don't deserve to be high rank" or something like that (not literally that)

    So she got hella offended and tried to derank on purpose.

    Its complicated, man.

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 449

    I mean, I do object to players deranking in general, it just leads to making the gameplay experience worse for lower skill players in general. But I object to "well because devs balance for rank 20 players". Maybe the devs shouldn't balance for those players, maybe there wouldn't be such an incentive to derank from either side if the game was balanced at the top level.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,460

    I play a couple games every month or so. since I have played the game a ton (day 1 PS4) and know how to compete at rank 1 (both sides) when I do decide to jump into a match rank reset has me back at rank 20. For this reason I steamroll (either side) and then take my break again. Rank will never matter to me because I don't play enough, and when I come back to see I'm rank 20 my skill/knowledge of the game hasn't decayed that I cannot stomp new players.

    Maybe I'll try to practice using my butt checks next time I do a few games.

  • InTheBushes321InTheBushes321 Member Posts: 57

    How about we encourage the devs to fix the objectively terrible matchmaking and ranking/emblem system? They probably won't because they don't care about the community, but shaming killers for de-ranking (even if it isn't cool) when it is understandable is not the way.

    The devs are the problems. They created this situation where people want to derank.

  • WaishWaish Member Posts: 30

    Matchmaking is so [BAD WORD] right now that rank 1 killers are going up against rank 15s and 20s and instead of fixing the problem like most developers would do they're nerfing killers to make it easier for newer players. Some killers are deranking purposely but only to the rank where they can play their favorite killer that isn't viable so they can actually have fun instead of being frustrated. Why I deranked is because the game has been getting one bad patch after another and so I find myself playing very little and rank reset sent me all the way back to rank 17 and stomping noobs isn't fun so I play even less. But the players shouldn't be blamed for the devs constant bad ideas that players feel the need to derank just to have fun especially since they keep nerfing killer because they don't want to fix their own bug of matchmaking.

  • AlecSanderAlecSander Member Posts: 55

    Kinda hard to not derank when all 5 gens are done before the opening “spin” or whatever it’s called at the start of the game is finished.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,160
    edited January 21

    Actually, the game keeps deranking me due to each month's rank reset... and then I never pip because I rarely kill anyone. I didn't put myself back to rank 19; that's on the game.

    Also, even at rank 19 I'm getting green-rank survivors, so I'm not sure it matters what my killer rank is. I do feel bad that when I do my survivor daily, at rank 16 I'm going up against actual rank 20 killers: brand new killers don't deserve even semi-experienced survivors, but that's what they're getting.

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 343

    De ranking doesn’t matter. I would like to play teams that can loop but make mistakes. I don’t want to play SWF teams that are looping gods who can run you 3 gens for a hook or drop a pallet to make it to the infinite while the rest of the team is toolboxing away on gens. There have to be teams between foreheads and toxic SWF. I would just like to occasionally play against them. Not asking for much maybe 1 out of 4.

  • WoofersonWooferson Member Posts: 22

    The devs havent seemed to be balancing it for the killers at all so why stay at a higher rank? I've gotten up to rank 9, certainly not a good enough player to be a purple or red rank killer and that's the teams I was facing. I dropped to 11 and dont get as many red players so I can actually enjoy myself with the killers that arent viable against those higher rank survivors, aka the ones I want to play and have fun.

    If the devs really want killers to stop deranking, maps and killers need to be looked at.

  • Reaper_xxReaper_xx Member Posts: 173

    Purple and Red ranks play way too sweaty. Lower ranks play more relaxed. So can you blame them for doing that?

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 267

    If I want to smack the same survivor in the back of the head with all of Clowns bottles than by glory I'm gonna do it. Anyway please stop telling people how to play the game it will always end badly.

  • Kbot22Kbot22 Member Posts: 33

    @honestlybaffled I'm pretty sure the devs said that without ruin, killers will derank to their skill level

  • xoBlackBettyxoBlackBetty Member Posts: 20

    Easy solution: instead of pip based ranks, assign ranks based on devotion levels.

    New players won't receive OP rank 1 killers with 4k+ hours in-game. 💯

  • xoBlackBettyxoBlackBetty Member Posts: 20

    Also, as a survivor main, I can attest to the fact that the rank mismatching is a problem. Usually rank 5-9 & play swf.

    We try hard against killers who are our ranks & feel good when we smash on them, but man - the feelbads when post-game chat comes up and we realize we just ruined the game for a rank 19 pleb.

    This isn't the killer's or survivor's faults. It's on the devs & they're match making system. 💯

  • AncilleAncille Member Posts: 14

    Used to be a killer/surv player split 50/50, would usually hit rank1 surv, usually 3/4 killer. Now? You'd be lucky to catch me even doing a killer daily. It just feels like trash. I'm so out of practice and genuinely, dont want to get -into- practice bc the games are so lopsided. I usually play a couple of games as the new killer when they come out to play around with their power, then immediately go back to survivor. Hell, I have 5 p3-50 all perk survivors when there's NO point other than the aesthetics of each, where my killers have barely moved an inch for 5-6 months. The game should be balanced around 2 survivors getting out, 2 dying (on average). Its definitely not.

    Tldr; even as a survivor main, killer is in a weird unfun stressful spot and feels like crap. I don't want a 4k every game, I don't expect it either. But something's gotta give when slugging out 2 people to cause pressure is the only way to stop the gens from being done in 5 minutes or less.

  • anothernursemainanothernursemain Member Posts: 9

    did they actually fix the rank system cause a couple of weeks ago it felt insanely broken and have sense refused to play til they fix it.

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