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What's the point in having ranks?

Half the time it either doesn't work correctly or you'll get potato survivors in red ranks because how easy it is to pip up as survivor. I played Trapper for a daily with dirt trap addons and I had a rank 3 survivor moan about how OP it is because you can’t see them... :/

Red rank rn is hit or miss. Sometimes I'll get players who truly deserve to be in red rank (people who get gens done under 10 mins, good at hitting ruin skill checks and are great at looping) and then I'll get players who can barley hit ruin, can't loop at all, waste pallets, and go for hook rescues right in front of me.

Either fix the ranking system, make it harder for survivors to pip up or just remove ranks entirely as rn it's absolutely stupid. Can you imagine if Overwatch had the same issue where bronze players could be matched with top 500 players or could easily get to top 500 without putting in the true amount of effort in? It would be a complete disaster.


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