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Who is your favourite original survivor?



  • nTurbonTurbo Member Posts: 4
    Feng Min

    Min best survivor clearly

  • BPSaiBPSai Member Posts: 7
    edited May 2018
    Jake Park
    Jake is my male main and nea is my female main
  • DBDDBD Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2019
    David King


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  • ThePloopzThePloopz Member Posts: 1,010
    Feng Min
    Fengy Feng !!! More specifically the relaxed bun Fengy
  • Pardon_My_DwightPardon_My_Dwight Member Posts: 2
    Dwight Fairfield
    Dwight Will Always Be The Original O.G. 
    #YouLockerOrNaw?  8-) 
  • AkieAkie Member Posts: 4
    Meg Thomas

    It's Meg all the way, but Ace is by far the coolest guy out there!

  • FwozenColadaFwozenColada Member Posts: 7
    Feng Min

    Feng is a cutie <3

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 56
    Meg Thomas

    Meg 100% meg is love meg is life!

    Jake Park

    The one cleansy boi of course :D

  • GunManSpyGunManSpy Member Posts: 47
    Feng Min

    It's a mix between Feng Min and Claudette Morel but I think I prefer Feng.

  • BabyKittyBabyKitty Member Posts: 36
    Meg Thomas

    Meg. But I do like to change it up once in a while and will use Nea who is always my second choice.

  • SorenSoren Member Posts: 369
    Feng Min

    Kawaii squeaky toy forever! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • DavadrosDavadros Member Posts: 3
    Dwight Fairfield

    Dwight Mains unite :D

  • CroquedeadCroquedead Member Posts: 91
    Ace Visconti
    My only P3 Survivor
  • XavarentXavarent Member Posts: 3
    Dwight Fairfield

    Just Dwight

  • AnteroAntero Member Posts: 33
    Feng Min

    Squeaky Toy <3 but my first suvivor was Megone <3

  • DiegUaUDiegUaU Member Posts: 13
    Dwight Fairfield


    (Feng and Meg too!)

  • xxadv0catexxxxadv0catexx Member Posts: 1
    Meg Thomas


  • simonotesimonote Member Posts: 2
    Feng Min

    Feng forever!!!!

  • SamanthaSamantha Member Posts: 20
    Nea Karlsson

    I've always played with nea - she was my first P3 and got all the perks on her for a reason. And the DLC hair is BEAU-TIFUL

  • electraheart28electraheart28 Member Posts: 15
    Nea Karlsson

    My fav survivor is Nea ! :)
    she is dope and I can't wait for new cosmetic items !

  • BlushinUsagiBlushinUsagi Member Posts: 3
    Meg Thomas

    Meg was the first character I started out with when I first joined. She was small, cute and her perks made her speedy. Plus, she's the only survivor who has hair that actually moves randomly <3

  • stereoparadestereoparade Member Posts: 10
    Nea Karlsson

    Claudette was my first survivor, so she will always have a place in my heart. But Nea has amazing perks and I've loved playing as her since I got a full build on her. Had to toss her my vote <3 she deserves the love. They both do!

  • ILovePIEILovePIE Member Posts: 1
    Feng Min

    The Esport Queen

  • ThePloopzThePloopz Member Posts: 1,010
    Feng Min
    ILovePIE said:

    The Esport Queen

    Go team Lazer Bears
  • icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 38
    Ace Visconti

    My main and favorite survivor is Ace. So many people undervalue his perks, but I keep jumping off hooks nearly all the time.

  • FostFost Member Posts: 3
    Feng Min

    Since I'm Asian, Feng Min is my main.

  • TheScarletPotionTheScarletPotion Member Posts: 44
    Feng Min

    I have to say feng Min I don't really have a main survivor more a select few I like that I cycle through depending on mood but feng min is really cute in her cardigan and I find myself using her the most out of everyone else.

  • TotohliTotohli Member Posts: 41
    Meg Thomas

    This was a pretty hard choice to make...

    I choose Meg because she's the one i started with, i played a lot of Feng Min as well so it could've been either of them for me.

    But... that new survivor from the teaser 'tho... she might take the #1 spot soon... :p

  • Creature_of_the_fogCreature_of_the_fog Member Posts: 3

    I like all survivors...…….. when they are dead!

    But if I had to choose - definitely Ace

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