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Who is your favourite original survivor?



  • CauliflaKushCauliflaKush Member Posts: 1
    Meg Thomas

    Meg is my main, but david is pretty cool too.

  • Mike_KarmanMike_Karman Member Posts: 28
    Dwight Fairfield

    Wow, Jake and David are surprisingly unpopular O.o

  • LavernneLavernne Member Posts: 91
    Meg Thomas

    I would vote two, Feng is also my favorite!

    Ace Visconti
    *finger guns*
  • MysterTalMysterTal Member Posts: 131
    Dwight Fairfield

    @Tezzis said:
    Feng and Dwight are my loves <3

    Ship them <3

  • psinathedogpsinathedog Member Posts: 18
    Claudette Morel


  • theneathenea Member Posts: 4
    Nea Karlsson's kinda obvious i love nea. i played my first game with her and have been loyal since day one. some killer games here and there, some with other survivors, but most of my 900+ hours in-game have passed playing nea. i'm actually sad that i picked this game up after legacy items were given out, my devotion to nea is worthy of some flaming clothes!

  • KhaelorxKhaelorx Member Posts: 5
    Jake Park

    I've always played with Jake
    and ı always getting camp even though I didn't sabotage hooks

  • Saint_JudasSaint_Judas Member Posts: 43
    Jake Park

    Hahahah, I have heard much from friends of mine about getting camped as Jake as well despite not running saboteur. I've never had that problem, but then again I run object and spend the whole round getting chased on purpose...

    But Jake was my first main and still my favorite og guy, first to get to prestige 3

  • AirmailAirmail Member Posts: 1
    Ace Visconti

    Its Ace or nothin'. Especially with the Purple Hat on. Also I was very sad that even after several requests at adding a Purple Tuxedo/Dress Pants combo, there is nothing available in the cosmetics that I saw for full out Purple...come on Not_Queen, we talked about this. ;)

  • NeskaNeska Member Posts: 132
    Meg Thomas

    Always played Meg since release, but I like to play as Feng & Nea just as much.. maybe Kate will end on my "most liked survivor" list too

  • YankeeSanYankeeSan Member Posts: 32
    Jake Park


  • Saint_JudasSaint_Judas Member Posts: 43
    Jake Park

    @YankeeSan said:


  • JEWberryJEWberry Member Posts: 76
    Ace Visconti
    icemancat said:

    My main and favorite survivor is Ace. So many people undervalue his perks, but I keep jumping off hooks nearly all the time.

    Literally one of my top 5 builds is for hook escape. It used to be more frequent when slippery meat affected hook escape chance but 6 tries seems like a good trade off.

  • FengFeng Member Posts: 28
    edited May 2018
    Feng Min

    ↑ - no words needed

  • NinjaBananaNinjaBanana Member Posts: 5
    Nea Karlsson

    Claudette is probably the one I use the most but my heart beats for Nea Karlsson since The Last Breath came out.

  • ZelthurZelthur Member Posts: 10
    Ace Visconti

    Ace is flaming awesome incarnate, and you can't beat the mustache.

  • Brain_98Brain_98 Member Posts: 14
    Dwight Fairfield
    Dwight of course
  • JuyaJuya Member Posts: 56
    edited June 2018
    Feng Min

    Feng Min!

    With those new cosmetics I'll be able to make her even more kawai desu! :3

  • DaltonioDaltonio Member Posts: 21
    Nea Karlsson

    My wife Nea of course

  • DrBoneSawDrBoneSaw Member Posts: 33
    Ace Visconti

    Ace in your hole

  • ACoolNameACoolName Member Posts: 177
    Ace Visconti

    Ace. Ace all the way.

  • SteebearSteebear Member Posts: 104
    Claudette Morel

    Obviously it is Claudette.

    Why is Nea on the list Gid? Everyone knows she is nasty and dirty ;)

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 760
    Nea Karlsson
    Nea > (Kate) > Claudette > Feng > Ace > David > Jake > Dwight > Meg

    Nea has always been my favorite after I leveled Claudette for her stuff. I like her style, I like her VO, and she just feels right (and the Diatech skin doesn’t hurt :p). Even though Kate isn’t on the list I still really like her (even if her voice was replaced and sounds terrible :( ). Claudette is fun because you can be immersed or super bright and “toxic” and her perks are pretty good. I like Feng but I don’t play her often because I like Nea and Quentin more. She’s still cool though, and the Golden Asian is pretty cool. Same for Ace, although I do like to play him with no self care builds because of his non existent pain noises. David is alright, his perks are cool and I like his Donkey outfit, but I just don’t like to play him as much as other survivors. Jake is the same as David, but his moaning is too loud and his perks suck (except Iron Will). Dwight is meh, he has cool customization, but his perks are bad and his moans are fairly loud; and I just don’t play him often. Last and least is Meg, [BAD WORD] Meg, she’s ass and a butt ugly [BAD WORD].

    That was my list, hope you enjoyed reading it :p
  • offthebeatentrackoffthebeatentrack Member Posts: 5
    Meg Thomas

    I've always thought Meg was pretty cool, being a sporty girl myself. Now I think I'm in love with Kate! Oh well, both will always be my girls. (:

  • YearkYeark Member Posts: 7
    Nea Karlsson

    Nea for life.

  • WhimsuWhimsu Member Posts: 1
    Feng Min

    Feng Min, hands down!
    She'll probably always be my main.

    When I first got into the game, she wasn't an option, though. So I started off with Jake. I liked his back story & his starting perks, lol. I'll probably always have a soft spot for him.

  • maximus909maximus909 Member Posts: 3
    Dwight Fairfield

    Dwight Fairfield is my guy. I love his story. When I purchased DBD when it 1st came out on PS4, I knew he had to be the survivor I would start with. I prestiged my Dwight to 3 because I fell in love with him.

  • FutsoldierFutsoldier Member Posts: 1
    Meg Thomas

    Meg <3

  • LaeriwLaeriw Member Posts: 2
    Dwight Fairfield

    I love Mega and Feng too but Dwight is bae. <3

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