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Guide to my favorite Oni build!

txcrnrtxcrnr Member Posts: 18

Oni is possibly my favorite killer right now, and for good reason. Unlike most people tend to say, his ability is NOT just Billy’s on a cooldown. His power is much more maneuverable, adds some tracking to injured survivors, and when active, can even be used during loops with the right addons.  


So here is the core combo of the build: BBQ, Infectious Fright, and Monitor&Abuse. A simple enough 3-perk combo, but much more powerful on this killer than any other. Basically, your goal is to injure someone, and then walk away. Use Monitor and Abuse to get the first unsuspecting hit before they have time to run to a safe loop because of the reduced warning. After that, focus on landing a hit on a second survivor. This is the one you will want to down and hook.


Once you hook them and get your BBQ, you want to make your way to where the survivors are. You should have your ability by now, and should use it to down someone that you have identified using BBQ. Here’s the kicker: Because of IF and M&A, anyone within 40 meters will scream, easily giving you another target. If you were efficient with your ability, you should have ample time to get another down.  


At this point, the last survivor has probably unhooked the first. Since your ability is ending, go ahead and hook the two you just downed, and now the survivors are in a really bad spot even if they have 3 whole generators done- not even gen rushing will help, as they are now playing at a disadvantage the whole game. With 1 person injured from the fresh unhook, and two who will be injured when they get unhooked soon, you’ll start to have overwhelming pools of blood to constantly be spamming your power. This, in turn, gives them no time to heal, allowing you to snowball further and further.


Congrats! You have now won a game as Oni. Honestly the 4th perk is a wildcard- Ruin used to be my go-to to help with early game since that is when Oni struggles the most, but with the impending nerf I highly recommend Nurse’s Calling as it will reveal their aura 4 meters further than your terror radius is, thanks to M&A. Other worthy contenders are Sloppy Butcher and Bamboozle, with Sloppy just being an incentive to NOT heal and give you more blood, and Bamboozle helping against certain god loops like Shack or Ironworks.

Lastly: Addons. Oni really does not need any addons to be good, as most are simply numbers boosts. I’m not a huge fan of his iridescents, either. IMO his best single Addon is the green topknot; it makes the dash charge up insanely fast, and it combos really well with the purple crutch that increases dash speed. Another fun one is running both dash speed addons to just suddenly appear running at full speed with no warning thanks to M&A. Though the addons for making survivors drop more blood and increasing the duration of Blood Fury are always decent, too.


  • Murd3rousClyd3Murd3rousClyd3 Member Posts: 25

    What rank are you?

    I came back to DbD after a year off, and instantly picked up Oni and started grinding. As I'd been gone, I was rank 20. Now, Oni was SUPER effective until about rank 6/7.

    I find that against novice to intermediate survivors, he was extremely effective. Now, as soon as you run into decent survivors, you see that he is nowhere near the same league as Billy...

    Don't get me wrong. I love the Oni, and if I'm not worried about earning BP, he's great. But even with your tactics, I see him falling short.

  • txcrnrtxcrnr Member Posts: 18

    I am rank 4 at the moment, reached rank 3 last season as him. With the flick buff he is even better right now. He still is susceptible to being looped before getting his ability, but if you get a really good looper right at the start you want to just drop the chase. Your best bet is to use Monitor and Abuse to try and find survivors who are out of position, which often ensures a free hit before they can get to a loop. If you can down them, go for it, but you honestly want to drop the chase, let them bleed, and find someone else to get your power active. With the charge rate and charge speed addons you can almost guarantee a down, and you’ll then either reveal someone else with IF or you’ll have 2 survivors that are injured or wasted time healing.

    You’ll need to specify what issues you have and I can try to address them, but the best advice I can give is to try and catch someone out with M&A and get the single hits until your power is ready.

  • Murd3rousClyd3Murd3rousClyd3 Member Posts: 25

    Ok, so at this time, I'm going to go with this, and see where it takes me.

    If I'm still seeing the same issues, then at that point I will tell you what it is, and hopefully be taught what I'm doing wrong.

  • txcrnrtxcrnr Member Posts: 18

    I hate to be the guy that self-promotes but I do stream sometimes with this Oni build usually, if you want to watch sometime you can find me at

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