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Im actually loving doctor.



  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,666
    edited January 2020

    Yeah, probably good that they went to Survivor. Now I have also insta queues and I still have fun as Killer. Maybe 1/10 games where it's stressful.

  • NotsofrenNotsofren Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2020

    About your build, since you're looking for a BBQ alternative:

    I'd personally use Thrilling Tremors instead of BBQ if you feel you don't need the points. There isn't much point increasing your Blast radius as by the time you'll get to survivors due to distance they'll already be gone left or right.

    Thrilling on the other hand will, while Ruin is active:

    • Block gens that are regressing and/or are at 0% progress.
    • Not block those being worked on, giving you exactly where you need to go to get other gens to regress.

    And even once Ruin is gone, I feel it'd be just as useful, unlike Surveillance with which you'd need to kick gens from there. You don't lose the detection value, which gens are being worked on as you hook someone?

    Also Ruin-Surveillance-Thrilling is probably overkill, choose between Surveillance or Thrilling but don't use both.

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