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[All the maps] Hook number was lowered to just 5-6 across the whole map.

XfulminexXfulminex Member Posts: 10
edited January 21 in Maps

Description of the Issue: I've played 4 games as different killers, and all on different maps. Whenever i picked up a survivor, i noticed that in all of those 4 games the number of hooks was really low. There were lot of times the survivors were about to struggle out and sometimes they also succeded. On all those 4 games, i've also checked if survivors played the Offer to increase the minimum distance between hooks, but there was none. Before the update earlier today i had no problems playing and there were no problems with hook placements, but now its always a "have at least Iron Grasp or Agitation, or else you're gonna let the survivor struggle out."

Steps to reproduce: Basically none, it just happens every game.

How often does this occur: Basically every game.

Fix ASAP please, playing killer is really stressful now...

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