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Reported Issues | 3.5.0

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Here, you can find a list of any newly reported known issues following today's update. Please be sure to check here before reporting a bug!

Rank Achievements Unlocking Randomly

We are aware that rank achievements are unlocking incorrectly. Do not worry, you are not at risk of being banned for this.

Decisive Strike does not stun the killer sometimes

We are looking into scenarios where Decisive Strike does not stun the killer in spite of succeeding the skill check. If you create a bug report, please be sure to let us know which killer you were playing against when this happened.

Totem and survivor pickup issues on Badham Preschool

Due to a collision change, some totems cannot be cleansed on Badham Preschool maps, and survivors cannot be picked up when next to certain objects. The map and its offering have been disabled until this issue is hotfixed.

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