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Well, sound issues still aren't fixed.

SairekSairek Member Posts: 5,057
edited January 21 in General Discussions
  • Survivors still make no noises when downed on the ground half the time.
  • Still can't hear people running 3 meters in front of me as killer.
  • Still can't hear people healing themselves more than 4 meters away.
  • Can hear people being hooked across the map.
  • Fireworks blasting off as if they're right next to my ear when they aren't
  • Heard a survivor opening a chest in the basement from 60+ meters away across the map
  • Heard them dropping/picking up a toolbox, too.
  • Can't hear generator progression in certain areas unless I'm literally in the same room as them or else they're dead silent.
  • Huntress' lullaby when playing as her has so much echo and reverb it's ridiculous. Sounds like she's humming in a stadium or something.

That was just in two games. One as survivor, one as killer.

What were these supposed audio fixes? Because nothing seems to have been fixed from my experience so far.


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