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tome 3 better be about Adam Francis



  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 765

    It's worse than I've ever seen this time

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,862

    Hope the 3th tome would be about Legion aswell oof, I want a bikini susie

  • ParthrakiParthraki Member Posts: 10

    I'm always excited when I see an Adam Francis or Jeff So Handsome in my lobby. I stan this decree to give Adam more so I can see more Adams.

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,260

    I'm down for anyone, However i do have my list of first before Adam. Like Feng, Meg, Kate, Dwight and Adam. Feng is getting a lot of cosmetics though so i can wait a bit for more

  • ProfoundEndingProfoundEnding Member Posts: 1,853

    Just ran into two Adams in my match earlier. One was wearing the default and the other one of the store outfits. It was awesome.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,174

    Tome 3 really needs to be more free characters. It should focus on Dwight and Nea and Nurse and Huntress

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