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Hag Teleportation Bug Patch 3.5.0

FleshTorpedoFleshTorpedo Member Posts: 394

Platform: PC

Description: Hag no longer has instantaneous teleport, has a time delay between teleporting and basic attack, and can no longer lunge attack from teleportation. A slow vaulting survivor triggering a trap on vault completion can be 5m infront of you by the time the teleportation and time delay to attack has finished when you teleport in anticipation of trap triggering during a chase.

Steps to reproduce: Any teleportation by hag. Only time after patch that instantaneous teleport attacks have worked for me is when the teleportation collides hags model with survivor model when the survivor is slow walking or standing still (usually at an pallet or wall). Normally two traps at both doors at a killer shack on the outside is enough distance between traps to get two basic attacks in when a survivor runs through them. After the patch getting one hit in having to chase the survivor through the shack after trap time delay might net you one successful basic attack.

How often does this occur: Almost every teleportation, its no longer viable to teleport attack but rather teleport wait a second for delay and chase them.


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