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No incentive to play nice as a killer

I'm losing to survivors that don't know loops aside from God loops not because chases are long but because of the gens. I just played as ghostface and got three hooks total, zero devout, zero malicious, bronze chaser and bronze gatekeeper which probably would be zero gatekeeper if they didn't change the emblem that tiny bit but even then I only just got bronze.

How is this any fun for me as a killer? First hook was a basement two gens popped straight afterwards and a third was nearly done, I have no time to stalk and even if I could survivors almost always know I'm there unlike myers. If a team goes to a gen each straight away you really don't have much of a fair shake at the game. This point it's more viable for me to play leatherface hook somebody and then camp them using them as bait.

Nothing feels earned in this game you can be good and lose to less knowledgeable players that's not how it's supposed to be, I know loops I know how to mind game but I can't hook everyone three times with how fast gens go against people that go straight to them one after the other, no detours, no messing around. If I'm in a chase and they run me a couple times around a un-mindgamable pallet or God loop what am I supposed to do? The other three will each be on a gen.



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