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Ruin change is finally moving the trash killers into the ranks they should be

I don't like the ruin change, it's a blatant nerf to the hex that will render it mostly useless like all other hexes beyond the insta down hexes. Thankfully, I am not a trash killer and don't use it anyway.

However, it's been great hearing about the killers dropping ranks because they can't keep up with the pace of the game at red ranks. It's about time they dropped into the ranks they deserve to play in.

Hopefully now, when I load into a trial as survivor, I get a killer that can actually play, rather than lazily rely on a totem to do all the hard work for them.

Also, I am going to love it as killer, as I will be completely unaffected by the change, like I was with every other change to nurf killers, why? Because killers are overpowered. The only chance survivors have, is with 4man swf, and even then, they get squished most the time. If you're not capable of that as killer, then enjoy the purple/green ranks or even playing some other game 👍



  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,100

    Calling my post a "one-sided survivor main comment" doesn't disprove my point and just shows personal bias against my argument.

    The idea that it is impossible for killers to apply at least some generator pressure is completely untrue. Even on lower mobility killers, I generally don't struggle to slow down generator progress without Hex: Ruin (at red ranks). It all involves knowing when to chase survivors and knowing when to patrol generators instead. It's about getting the balance between slowing down generator progress and creating further objectives for the survivors (in the form of injuring and hooking their teammates).

    You're correct that some killers do struggle to apply pressure due to low mobility. But it certainly is not impossible.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,100

    Please respond with an actually constructive argument in response to my points rather than trying to derail the discussion by requesting footage which I do not have nor would I want to share.

  • VexTheHexVexTheHex Member Posts: 982

    Ranks on both sides just = how much you play during the month. I never had difficulty hitting red if I played long enough each month.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,100

    Injuring survivors before breaking off a chase is a great way to apply pressure in these situations when they're all working on separate generators.

    Hitting a survivor then going back to patrolling (and regressing) generators either forces survivors to be vulnerable the next time you find them or waste time healing. This is especially effective when combined with perks like Sloppy Butcher or Bloodhound.

    If the survivors are particularly coordinated then it is very difficult but not impossible.

  • BrendanLeeTBrendanLeeT Member Posts: 272

    Yeah that 100% works when survivors heal but unfortunately some survivors do the "No heal meta" if that's what is is called so they rush gens and just rely on Adrenaline at the end game. If survivors don't heal what else is there to do apart from gens? Totems are a thing but most say it's a waste of time because "It's not their primary objective".

    Yes I try and injure multiple survivors but being injured isn't as threatening as some people think. Why do you think mediocre players don't cleanse against Plague or even heal against a Legion and still win?

    Legion showed people that being injured and rushing gens with Adrenaline is far more rewarding because you get to focus on gens without needing to find a team mate to heal you.

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 428
    edited January 2020

    I honestly don't see how people are having a hard time now. I played 5 killer games last night, 2-4 red rank survivors each game, and. One was a full red SWF. I only had 4 escapes the entire night. One hatch, three on Badham.

    First game was Legion on the swamp, 4k.

    Next was Wraith without add-ons on the chapel map. 4k.

    Then three games as Doc, the first one I used NOED and that was the game with 3 escapes and the only game with more than 3 gens being completed.

    The other two were horrible 4k slaughters using the ruin/surveillance combo on the Game and Ironworks. The one on the Game map was the SWF and ended with 4 Iris and a perfect score.

    Double pipped from rank 7 up to 5 with a black pip on the one I 'lost'. I played super nice every game. No camping, no tunneling. I expect to soar through red ranks next time I play.

    I don't see why everyone is complaining. None of the games had a high mobility killer and I didn't sweat my ass off either. I don't even consider myself a great killer. If you can't do the same, you aren't as good as you think. I'm happy having switched to main killer in this patch, Doc in particular.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,100

    Survivors being injured and doing the "no heal meta" is actually advantageous as a killer.

    It makes tracking and chasing survivors easier and on stealth killers allows them to get surprise hits which down survivors.

    Admittedly yes, it doesn't always work brilliantly, although there are ways to use the survivor's choice to remain injured to your advantage. Perks like Thantophobia are good for situations like these and injured survivors remove options for themselves, such as stealth and locker plays.

  • BrendanLeeTBrendanLeeT Member Posts: 272

    Thana does slow down the game but it only adds an additional 16 (?) seconds onto the gen with all 4 injured. Being injured is an advantage as long as the map doesn't have any god loops or structures and it definitely helps out stealth killers.

    I agree with some of your points and you do make good points but unfortunately the one thing that makes me disagree or be in the middle are the maps. Gen times are fine but the biggest issues are the maps 110%.

    If maps wasn't the size of Jupiter (exaggeration I know) then it would be much much easier to apply pressure. Of course this will make some killers like Billy too strong (which I will probably get hate for saying this) but it will also allow the developers to remove Bloodlust too.

    If I'm on a map like Wretched Shop then I couldn't care less about being injured because I have a structure that I can waste the killer's time on for such as long time. Even if he drops chase on me, the other survivors can just run straight to it with no problems. Now if the map was Hawkings then I would definitely be healing because we all know how that map is for survivors.

  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 828
    edited January 2020

    "change" aka delete dead hard and DS ought to do it.. crutch perks that every survivor uses.. since that is the standard we are using now

  • BrendanLeeTBrendanLeeT Member Posts: 272

    But people will say "DH is trash due to dedicated servers!" so it's not even strong. Yes they are right, DH is trash for avoiding hits but do you know what makes DH really strong? Use it for distance because there is NOTHING a killer can do to counter that. The only time DH can be countered is if the survivors are in a deadzone or if they use DH for avoiding hits which is really easy to bait out.

    The only change needed to DS are these things:

    • Working on a generator deactivates DS
    • Performing an unhook deactivates DS
    • Oh and if it had proper deactivation cooldowns I wouldn't mind buffing the time it's active for

    My reasoning for the change is because if you work on a generator and make yourself visible then you have no reason whatsoever to complain about being tunneled. The second change again if you are unhooking someone, a risky action if the killer is nearby, then survivors have no rights to complain about being tunneled.

    Oh and DS doesn't need to deactivate when another survivor is hooked because nothing is stopping the killer from slugging the tunneled survivor, downing another survivor and once hooking them returning to the slugged survivor. If these changes go through then the killer will have no reason to complain about being hit by DS unless they actually tunneled.

    Even though DS can be annoying we really do need an anti-tunnel perk.

  • LaakeriLaakeri Member Posts: 835

    Meanwhile I get team mates at r1 who most likely cant even tie their shoe laces based on how they play, but sure thats fine I quess.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726

    ok since there will be less bad killers in red ranks we need:

    a) harder pipping for survs

    b) avg/decent killers to make bad survs depip


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