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Ruin change is finally moving the trash killers into the ranks they should be



  • agutty1agutty1 Member Posts: 36

    If a bad killer made it to the high ranks it’s because they faced baby survivors not because of ruin. Ruin was never a problem to good survivors, so why complain about it? Only people who complain about ruin were the baby survivors who couldn’t do a gen and not able to loop. If the killer is winning cause of ruin, it’s completely the survivors fault. I’ve had many times played when ruin was up got chased for like 3 minutes or more, but my teammates weren’t doing anything. Many times when I am the only pushing through gens while my teammates are getting destroyed or not doing anything cause they are too scared. It was never a crutch perk for killers. It was more of a early game pressure perk. Ruin weeded out the bad survivors vs the good ones.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,615

    Couldn't agree more. So many killers I've been facing have no idea how to play because they relied on Ruin too much. It's ridiculous.

  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

     "then enjoy the purple/green ranks or even playing some other game 👍"

    Do you realize if killers stopping play this game, you can't play as survivor... Do you? Also, survivors would probably go to rank 20 too because they are too carried by Dead Hard, Adrenaline, DS, BT and Umbreakable.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745
    edited January 2020

    yes there is PLENTY of god loops, that you CAN'T NO MATTER WHAT mindgame, are forced to follow them and waste ALOT of time because there is only 1 path and say a window, LIKE ironworks of misery loop. it takes SO MUCH time to get just 1 hit and it doesn't use up any pallets AND Is easily accessible. and yes the entity does block after 3 vaults, BUT sometimes it bugs and they can still vault, or the game doesn't register you are in a chase all the time due to breaking LoS so the entity wont block it. and I have even had times where the entity will block the window. and they immediately vault it again. so with these loops, you EITHER waste ALOT of time to get 1 down and not waste any of the survivors resources, OR you end chase as soon as they go for the loop. and because of the speed boost they get from 1 M1 and the killers slowdown, you will be able to make that loop from just about anywhere on the map

    "learn to block off their intended routes, its just that easy" this statement is wrong on so many levels, they can

    1. have multiple routes
    2. they get a speed boost when you hit them and yourself are stunned after hitting them
    3. have exhaustion perks such as sprint burst
    4. they can hear the heartbeat and get to their "route" before you show up

    yes GOOD KILLERS will bait deadhard, but there is also LOTS of situations where if you use dead hard, you will make a pallet or window that you would not make usually, it is both a mobility perk and a perk that can whiff a M1, its so good because of how FLEXIBLE it is

    "BT and DS work only against bad killers", BT the BT survivor can easily bodyblock you, DS, survivors hop in the locker, so either you wait out DS, which is free time for survivors, eat the DS, or let them escape for free. also there is plenty of ways to get grabbed to also proc it. so again a statement that is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS

    slugging people doesn't stop the person from using the key unless they are slugged themselves

    if you think toolboxes are not a problem, you are even dumber than I thought, even the devs just recently acknowledged how strong toolboxes are and will be nerfing them.

    so my statement still stands, you are both blind and dumb and I can tell from your reasoning, and again you list only the strengths of killer, none of their weaknesses and none of the strengths of the survivors

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 548
    edited January 2020

    Trapper is good only on fis territory

    and what the #########, clown good at chases. lmaoooo just drop that f*ing pallet and run to the next, and he'll never catch you but SURE clown is GOOD at chases.

  • Lol complain.

    Now their early pressure/I suck at finding survivors hex has gone, their trashiness is exposed and now they're falling through the ranks, to where trash killers that can't add pressure or find survivors before a hook should be.

    It's not a complaint, it's a grateful observstion

  • Sorry, killers controlled by great players are overpowered

  • That's a BHVR issue to solve.

    I also don't run any of those perks

  • bilauetabilaueta Member Posts: 341

    So you are just going to ignore the fact thst green or even yellow rank killers still play against red and purple rank survivors due to matchmaking?

    And you are stating that red rank survivors are all great players when in reality most of the times they make terrible plays and desitions?

    And you are forgetting the fact that it is extremely easy to rank up as survivor even of you die all of your matches

  • I don't deny the game bugs out, but that's not really survivors fault is it? Just more things they need to fix, rather than pandering to bad players requests, which only serve to help decline player base.

    Again, BT means killer needs to be close, what killer stays close to their hooks? Trash killers! What killers would be chasing recently unhooked survivors? Trash killers! Especially trash if they then grab them too. But I am the dumb one 😂

    Dead hard, they use it once, I know they have it, it's now no longer an issue to me.

    FORCED to follow? How about, no chasey the survivor to it instead, seems you can't mind game it.

    A survivor can run into multiple directions at once? Doesn't matter the direction so much, just how good is the killer at getting the hit out of it! We kinda know where you are on that scale.

    Slugging is a great way to slow the game down. As I said, I am not a fan of key use, it needs to be looked at, after they fix the actual none subjective broken stuff.

    Toolboxes aren't an issue for me, but as most players are quite bad, I can see why the Devs would want to look into it, you know, because they pander to the crap players.

    So yeah, the whole dumb and blind thing....maybe you're talking to a mirror

  • Dropping the pallet works for creating distance on most killers, at least the clown can slow them down.

  • picigu9picigu9 Member Posts: 50

    It was never good in the first place. I just worked through them, and destroyed the totem. It really just put trash survivors in their place. It's like baby killers first gen perk. There are so many better ones.

  • That's broken matchmaking, nothing to do with my thread.

    If there's so many ######### survivors in higher ranks, why are killers complaining about how OP they are and that every other game is a gen rush??

    Yes, survivor pip is easier, as they're more likely o die in trial.

  • gamerscrybecauseofmegamerscrybecauseofme Member Posts: 360
    edited January 2020

    It's ok, I get it now. You're confused.

    I don't run around using Franklin's and overcharge every game, that's ridiculous.

    However, when I see 4 toolboxes, I completely change my loadout, to make it as hard as possible for survivors to gen rush. As gen rush has NEVER happened to me, I am obviously doing better that most killers, even the streamers.

    Hopefully, that helps your next reply

  • TheAntiSantaTheAntiSanta Member Posts: 126

    I mean, with matchmaking a screwed up as it is right now, it's not like dropping to the "Rank You Deserve" is going to stop Killers from having to play matches against people they need Ruin to play against.

  • djsponge10djsponge10 Member Posts: 349

    ”killers aren’t overpowered” lol nice bait man.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    im just gonn stop reading your posts, because I legitly feel dumber for reading them, you are so beyond help it is actually scary, enjoy your rank 16 survivor biased tinted glasses idiot, stay rank 16 and clueless and I will be at red ranks

  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 479

    If you enjoy seeing only Hillbillies, Spirits and Nurses, then yes, Ruin change was decent change.

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited January 2020

    I wanna see how many trash survivors will get to their righteous ranks if devs make same changes with DS, BT or Adrenalin. So many survivors rely on these 3 perks and without it they will drop ranks like stone. DS, BT and Adrenalin are excusing survivors mistakes and giving them second chances even they dont deserve it. Red ranks should not make any mistakes. Many of you speaking about how killers are relied on single perk Ruin but survivors are relied on 3 meta perks and this is much worse.

  • gamerscrybecauseofmegamerscrybecauseofme Member Posts: 360
    edited January 2020

    im just gonn stop reading your posts, because I legitly feel dumber for reading them, you are so much better at playing, it is actually scary, I wish you were rank 16 , with survivor biased tinted glasses idiot, and would stay rank 16 and clueless and I will be at red ranks. But since I am the trash killer that thinks survivors are op, I will just go back into my pit of being bullied by survivors

    There's fixed it for you

  • gamerscrybecauseofmegamerscrybecauseofme Member Posts: 360
    edited January 2020

    DS and BT works against trash killers, so they're not going anywhere. Adrenaline is kinda strange, I mean I get that if a survivor has been looping a trash killer all game and the last gen pops, why the hell shouldn't they get a little breather? Although, I only see adrenaline on the after game screen and I am like lol, they play against too many trash killers. Kinda thought those perks died out in the green/purple ranks anyway.

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  • gamerscrybecauseofmegamerscrybecauseofme Member Posts: 360
    edited January 2020

    If you're quoting, get it right. Killers are overpowered. It's just a shame that most gamers are obviously bad at gaming

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814

    @Kagari_Leha If you think that dropping the pallet is solution then you are the person who screws up entire team.

    Trick is to waste as much time without breaking the pallet and if getting hit not throwing it, rather using momentum to get to the next loop and delay there/vanish.

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 548

    i think you dont understand

    Dropping pallets early now works. because there are so many safe pallets on so many maps, if the killer is a bottom tier, it will work. It's sadly not screwing over the team and that's why it's so frustrating, Clown cant do anything about it for example, if they just spend the chase throwing all the pallets on the map, it will work because Clown has no way to end chases quickly (unless you use redhead pinky finger)

  • EnveeEnvyEnveeEnvy Member Posts: 15

    I still 4k'd my ass from 16 to 8 without it. But do enjoy your lobby simulator. I hear its great.

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