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Ruin change is finally moving the trash killers into the ranks they should be



  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,100

    The "Burden of proof" is not on me whatsoever.

    Providing some personal anecdotes wouldn't convince most people on the forums anyway.

    Killers who repeatedly get "gen rushed" are bad. If killers find themselves losing in this way every game then they should focus on improving their skill rather than requesting gameplay videos from a random forum user.

  • The killer that had slow down bottles can't end chases quickly? Ok

  • As those killers are extremely overpowered, they were always used. Most games I played had 1 of those killers to play against. Only difference now, they have to work a little harder

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,520

    Let me guess...

    Every killer that kills you, is either a trash killer, or is op :).

    I have never understand why someone should stay at the red ranks, by all the hassle there.

    A quick visit was enough for me, to say "ok... let me depip".

    Still I would be curious to see how many survs would stay at the red ranks without all the exhaustion and second chances perks.

    Just a few thoughts from a killer who had never used ruin :).

  • gamerscrybecauseofmegamerscrybecauseofme Member Posts: 360
    edited January 2020

    Every killer i use is OP, because I am using them.

    No, just wrong. It's almost like you didn't even read any of what has been said and just jumped in here with your opinion, based on nothing.

    I don't particularly struggle at any part of the game, other than solo queueing as survivor.

    It's the players that insist everything needs nerfing who struggle. The players that can only use a small selection of perks that struggle. The killers that are now falling back down the ranks because they can't handle the pace at higher ranks.

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  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,425

    It sure is! That way all the survivors using DS, BT, and all of thier other broken and powerful perks can get up into those ranks they deserve to be in! Yippe kai ay #########! :D

  • Let's take this guy.

    Insisting DS and BT are overpowered and need nerfing. Well, how are you affected by either of those perks,unless you're camping and tunnelling? So yeah, completely situational and there to punish trash killers.

  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325
    edited January 2020

    Right, but the Ruin change still affects plenty of great killers that used it. Did it go the extra mile for bad players? Sure, especially outside of red ranks. But inside of red ranks Ruin was anything but a crutch, and it only really affected the large amount of potatoe red rank survivors. Like, even the best of the best Huntress' used Ruin, so were they bad killers? Or is there more to that? Even the best Trapper's, or the best Hag's, or M1 killers used it, yet people on these forums would have us just believe it was only bad players who used it.

    Uh, surely you must be joking, right? DS and BT only affect people who tunnel? DS and BT punish good killers who play fair. Here's just one quick situation for you

    Survivor unhooks other survivor before you can walk away - the smart thing is to punish the survivors by going after the greedy unhook, but you can't, because BT. So, you go after the person who unhooked, and since they saved and may have taken a hit, they'll likely go down relatively quickly. Here's where things can get tricky. The person who has DS could run in and save the person that unhooked them, that you just downed quickly and hooked, to give them BT, and they will get downed. This means the killer cannot chase the person with BT because they have DS, but they also cannot pick the person who just saved up because THEY have DS.

    There are a ton of situations where DS and BT are not anything to do with tunneling, and the idea that you only thing that situations involving them are fair because it only happens with them show you don't play this game very much. If you think DS is only anti-tunneling and not a complete immunity for 60 seconds, then I don't really know what to tell you. BT, I don't have much of a problem with, though.

    And Dead Hard is a total BS perk because if the survivor makes a mistake at a loop, instead of getting punished they hit DH and make the pallet anyway. That's extra time at a loop in a game. DS, BT, DH, Unbreakable, these perks all waste the killers time in a game that you cannot afford to have your time wasted.

  • xEcoLog1cDuk3XxxEcoLog1cDuk3Xx Member Posts: 441

    The devs catering bad survivor players such as yourself is the only reason you manage to reach red ranks

  • Affect great players, yes. Causing them to drop ranks, no. Seriously, all the great killers used ruin? I think not.

    If you're going to make examples of play that are based only on competent 4 man SWF, then you're not seeing the whole picture. But, I will add, so what if a group of people come together with a plan? Isn't that the basis of all success? Making a plan, being with people that can help with that plan, using whatever it takes to implement that plan? But let's take your apparently oh so popular playstyle. So basically, 2 people aren't on gens? Sweet. Hang on, whacking someone with BT takes them out the game while they mend before healing. Sweet. How is another survivor that close to the hook, without you noticing them? Surely, the play here is to hit that survivor first, hit the rescued, then go for the rescuer, if you're that scared of BT, now we have an injured survivor that has a mend timer and can only run around making them easy to track, how are you not seeing them? Even if they mended, they're still one hit, and you repeat above, only this time, the rescuer is downed, while you chase the recently unhooked survivor. Not sure how long all that takes for you, but I see an exciting 40-80 secs of play, where at least 2 survivors aren't on gens. If knocked into slug, them another will have to come to help, if you patrol waiting for the timer to wear off, then you have 2 more hooks. So what's wrong here?

    I am not claiming DS to be anti tunneling. I just have no issue with it, on the rare occasions I get hit with it, I am glad it's out the way before the possibility of end game. Judging from experience as a survivor, most DS strikes and BT comes from camping and tunnelling, but I am sure you don't want to talk about that! What you described is a rare scenario, if you like, a bit of a spunk fight against the killer, from otherwise EZ to kill survivors.

    I will stay with dead hard being a one use perk that is useless when they use it the first time, a sits them easily baited.

    Ok, so all those waste killer time. It's subjective as to how long because each killer/survivor chase has so many random factors that it will be hard to factor (perks, map knowledge, skill, mind gaming, location) Killers have slugging, it's not even a perk, just something we can do to slow the game and help reveal/waste time of other survivors. Running PGTW, Thana, dying light, sloppy and some more can all waste survivor time, especially while they can stack. Although, I would probably use these perks more, if the debuff was stronger and didn't rely on being stacked.

    So basically, what you describe is an tiny minority of games, which is fine by me, sometimes we will lose, it's ok. I get that you pay killer to have some kind of power in your life, but seriously it's ok to lose, we learn the most when we lose! What killers who cry about survivors need to learn is, how to play better!

  • Like your killing ability, this is a swing and a miss. I play both sides, at red ranks, have done since devotion rating 1.3 am now 7.9 wanna try again?

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,298

    I used ruin because gens go to fast ..I’m rank 2 almost rank 1 all this change did was make me play more sweaty and I also slug a lot now and tunnel

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241
    edited January 2020

    The sad thing is that even with the ruin nerf, killers proxy camping the totem like before instead of patrolling gens.

    I had a sad legion yesterday. He saw me with frenzy cleansing the ruin. I got chased and tunneled 2 times for that. Adrenaline popped and cya. All 4 escaped with his holy ruin still up. The only thing he had this match was my 2 hooks on red ranks because i knew where his "secret" is.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,425

    Yes, its camping when I turn around to leave a hook and survivor with BT unhooks the person immediatly. So camping, much wow. Its tunneling when I hook another survivor then down the other survivor 45 seconds later after not chasing them and still get DSed.

  • Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 407

    You really think that the trash killers are in the rank they "belong" Rank has nothing to do with skill? It doesn't, I'm a crappy killer main and I'm always in purple and red ranks lol. Come back when you played the game for six months or so and tell me that Rank is the amount of skill lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dokta_CarterDokta_Carter Member Posts: 614

    And atm ranks dont matter even if skill reflected it due to the elephant in the room. Soon as matchmaking is fixed maybe OP can actually say "trash killers are where they belong" although it's off topic.

    I can reach red ranks and i call myself a potato.

  • Oh my, you do 3 hits and 2 chases in 45 secs? Try again!

  • I don't see anyone saying they get gen rushed down in the greens.

    Sure, people can sweat into red, both killers and survivors. The point is, the great players just get there anyway, and great players need to play against each other, not with people that sweated the crappy rank system to get there, only to be shown there's actually a massive difference between getting into red ranks and being a red rank player.

  • survivormain1105survivormain1105 Member Posts: 327

    Here is my solution to that my friend. 3 gen my friend. For maps that are too big to walk the whole map. I myself stick to one side where I can watch these selective gens versus all 7. It doesn't bother me seeing two gens finish next to each other after the first or 2nd hook. Now I just apply the pressure where I need to.

    #wraith main!!!! 🙂

  • Interesting. As you have been arguing how the game is survivor sided, but can knock down 2 of them in 45 secs 😂

    Pick a side

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,425

    My side is that perks that the survivors have to stop me from capitalizing. That stop me from being the power role.

  • What's wrong with our weaker opponents having perks to help them survive? We have perks and add-ons that help us kill faster.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814

    @Kagari_Leha ??? If Clown uses Corrupt Bloodwarden and there is 0 pallets on the map because you wasted them all what are you going to do? Loop at windows where he can force medium vaults? Unless its canker map like Haddonfield good luck.

    I am now convinced this is a bait.

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 548


    i have so many questions beginning by

    what kind of clown runs Corrupt and Blood warden

    second, Haddonfield aint the worst. honestly, since Balanced Landing, it's one of the "fair" maps. Then, half of the time, RNG will just give enough pallets so you can run after a survivor the whole game without ever catching up if they just throw all the pallets without a care in the world. And finally, god windows exist, and team also play.

    So, no im not baiting, and i dont see why i would be baiting, as i pretty much am always trying to be critical both on the players and the devs

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 329

    have you proved it otherwise? the statement you left is subjective to the low ranks that complain about the killers being op.

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 329

    thanks for showing what's wrong with this game when devs give this sense of entitlement to immature survivor mains it causes toxicity, you can't even have a grown up conversation with others that have a difference of opinion without turning in to a 10 year old and slinging insults.

  • I am not sure you posted the right comment link. This one took me to another forum user rather badly misunderstanding how I play killer.

    Unless, you actually meant to tag that person in your response

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