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Yamaoka Family residence, One of the manor vault is consistently glitching out

FramzoFramzo Member Posts: 3

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: There is a Specific Vault on the Manor Tile on the Yamaoka Family residence Map that if vaulted from the outside to the inside will in most case result in the vault animation playing but the survivor rubber banding behind the vault after the animation is done playing

Steps to reproduce (if possible): Fast vault this specific windows from the outside to the inside of the building (it also have some slight rubber band and even sometimes doesn't work either from the inside to the outside despite being rare)

How often does this occur: Most of the times if fast vaulting from outside to inside and very rarely when fast vaulting from inside to outside

I recorded a video of how it usually plays out and the oddities of this vault, Iv'e seen in happen multiple times to me and other ppl (both public and KYF matches) on this very specific vault. Also sorry if i sound tired or pissed during the recording of this. I'm a bit sleep deprived at the moment

Video showcasing the different possible outcomes and some more specific reproduction steps:


Killer POV for some of the "usual" result (sometimes the killer will see you behind the vault while you are still infront after rubber banding exemple at the 20s mark):


Speculation: I am by no mean a developer, game designer or map/environment artist but after some more testing it seems like the debris on the left side of the vault push the character collision in a odd spot when he get centered for the fault vault, you can even kinda get yourself in the windows if you get rubber banded and A killer stand behind you

Picture of the vault in question:


  • geishroygeishroy Member Posts: 74

    Also had this issue for many weeks. Still no fix in sight. Going to stop playing this game/giving them money until they fix this garbage.

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