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DDOS attacked by toxic no lives?

So I was getting hooks and some cocky Jake starts tbagging then spring bursts behind a pallet, drops uses emotes so I leave him he then keeps making explosions when I do get him I camp him in the basement up to that point I was not camping or anything. I get a 4k I am then bombarded by three people with anime pfp calling me bad all that, telling me 'goodnight' and me then getting booted offline. You

The Jake said I was 'tunneler' despite hooking three different people on first there hooks and come on why are you making up words to shame killers for chasing trying to ptfo. He then says I am a camper with basement build my build is frankins, stbfl, iron grasp and brutal so? The Jane who kept going into lockers without head on in a poor attempt to hide well she starts mocking the mentally ill, using autism in a derogatory way you know the typical lowlife thing Internet dregs do.

I then get booted offline so it's highly likely that these wastes of life did what they eluded to and ddos attacked me, something happened straight after the match before I could even get to the score screen.


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