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New killer idea - Cawd

DalauanDivineDalauanDivine Member Posts: 126
edited January 2020 in Creations

Power - would you like a closer look at it? Cawd reaches down his breaches and pulls out his harpoon throws it at survivors and it drags them towards him.

Perk 1 - Hey Guuuurl! - His desire grows when chasing female characters he gets a speed increase

Perk 2 - Oh CAWD! - When all gens are done Cawd suffers from anxiousness causing all survivors to gain the blindness effect

Perk 3 - Ya ready for me? - When Cawd touches a survivor they get the mangled status effect

Map - Trailer park

Theme - Heartland - I loved her first

Cawd isn't meant to be a strong killer and I would rather "Ya ready for me" give a sickness effect that hinders survivors speeds on gens until two gens get done after the survivor has been hit.

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