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Silver Hero Challenge Broke

FangerBoyFangerBoy Member Posts: 22

This challenge is bugged or something I got gold and iridescent and still it wouldn’t complete my challenge.


  • TheMidnightRidrTheMidnightRidr Member Posts: 371

    Same here.

  • VRREADYVRREADY Member Posts: 11
    edited February 2020

    :Xbox one x

    :I’d assume it would be every game.

    I swapped challenge, bit hard when it’s one of the last ones I need lol.

    I’d like to see if someone gets 2 silver medals while attempting this.

  • shardsshards Member Posts: 79
    edited February 2020

    i have gotten 2 and both times i got a silver medal, it wont count anything past that :( (pc)

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