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Please give Legion a smaller stun time.

At least 2 second stun time.

I’m a decent Legion. Granted they aren’t a good killer but definitely fun. I can get 3k or 4k at times BUT

I can’t explain how many a survivors escape from me because of the long 4 second stun time. I run spirit fury and enduring just to get out of my power quicker.

My most recent game was I had this Kate and I hit with my FF. She Was running to the door. She thought she was smart by going around around the tractor thinking I was going to follow her, but I outplayed and ran towards the gate. So hoping to get out of my power unfortunately she just runs right pass me even though I was at the door first then starts tbagging at the gate as if she did something impressive and she wasn’t even that great of a survivor she mediocre at best, but my stun time and dead hard help her more than anything even though she was outplayed for most of the game.

Another game I had a Claudette this player was immersed all game after I hook her once. I killed they 3 survivors and I closed the hatch. The doors were close to patrol but the corn made it hard to see Rotten field. I get to the door where she’s at I hit her with frenzy because I was already in frenzy because I was running between doors those 4 second + her spine chill give her time to open the gate and runs right pass me than she started tbagging. Again this Claudette is one of WAS two remaining survivors that prolonged the game for 15mins just by hiding in the corn all game after I demolish her team, but starts tbags because she think she a good survivor because she’s escaping when in reality she was terrible and my stun time gave her the time she needed to get out.

4 second is just too long.


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