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Gen Rush Solution

MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100
edited January 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

Hello I want to express my idea that I had to avoid GEN RUSH please be constructive in your answers.

New killer perk or hex ruin rework 😀

All 5 HEX / TOTEN are activated / bewitched on the map as soon as the game starts. Each HEX / TOTEN delays the repair speed of the generators by 10% totaling a total of 50% delay in the repair speed, for each HEX destroyed the speed returns by 10% to normal and thus returning to normal after breaking the 5 HEX / TOTEN of the map. (THIS CANCEL ANY OTHER HEX / TOTEN ADVANTAGE)

Think about it this will avoid GEN RUSH and will also give more points to survivors. Each 1500 BP toten totaling 7500 BP and can be easily broken just by destroying the 5 totems on the map that will return to normal repair speed. It is very frustrating for you to play killer in red rank and take the SWF gen rush in communication all the time knowing where the killer is. The SWFs all play together in coordination with 16 PERK against 4 from KILLER.

This is my idea I hope the support to help balance this game.

*******usei o google tradutor desculpe se não entender******* 🙈


  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 479

    No. We need a mechanic that helps with gen rush, not another solution that is either a perk or paid DLC. Devs sell too much solutions in those shapes (example: Pig. She is supposed to slow the game down, which is a general problem, and she is paid DLC).

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