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This Is Becoming "Unfun"

Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263
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The day the Ruin change was announced I took it out of all my builds. I was a Rank 4 at the time. It took a minute to get adjusted to it but after a couple of days I was enjoying the game more and actually made it to Rank 2 for the first time. The builds were more fun and having to play hard to keep gens from popping was a little stressful but more fun overall.

Then the update happened. Now "genrushing" has been pushed to the extreme. I'm seeing way more toolboxes than normal for one thing. Almost every match Discordance goes off immediately and by the time I get there the gen either pops or is above 90%. I'll get a quick hit or 2 and maybe even a down and a gen pops somewhere else. By the time I hook the downed survivor another gen pops. This is all within 1.5 -2 minutes. Most games come down to having 1 gen left or all 5 finished in 5-6 minutes even when I manage to get a 4k or have everyone on their death hook.

Idk if it's because of the advice in the Q&A or what but survivors have been really throwing themselves at the gens in the middle today even when it's just giving free downs and hooks so after a few minutes the only gens left are on the outside of the map and too far to protect with most killers.

Rage quits seem to have increased too. As soon as I start to snowball someone d/c's so I wind up missing out on points and black pipping. I've also noticed a big increase in survivors giving up when 1 or 2 gens are left and using key to escape.

The last couple of days, but today especially, have been the least fun I've ever had in DbD. I feel like something needs to be done quickly or this game is going to start losing it's player base. There are 2 new games in this style coming out soon, a Resident Evil game and a Predator game (iirc), so it won't take much. Resident Evil has the name recognition and expectation of quality to easily pull players in. I know this game was supposed to have died about 10 times now, but eventually it's going to happen.

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