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Reverent Tome Challenge Broken

notsoscarrednotsoscarred Member Posts: 2

Platform: PS4

Issue: The challenge Reverent in Tome 1 on the second level isn’t working at all. I have been stuck with it for awhile now. I am suppose to sacrifice survivors to the entity but nothing counts to it. Before playing as a survivor and dying would count but now nothing counts and I'm stuck with it.


  • Happyfoolx4Happyfoolx4 Member Posts: 1

    I have the same issue on PC, apparently using Ebony or Ivory mori's might work but I'm not to sure. This Tracked fine for me before the last update I think (there may have been more before I started playing again, it was fine after the previous rift cloesd).

    Stuck at three, other challenges I've tried are fine

  • Koro76Koro76 Member Posts: 5
    edited January 28

    I'm having the same problem on PC with the 5 sacrifice Reverent in tome 1, chapter 1. I'm stuck on 4/5 sacrifices.

  • HjtunfgbHjtunfgb Member Posts: 2
    edited January 28

    I'm having the same issue on PC. I remember that Golden Age was working for killer emblems only, but I was still able to win all 20. However, Reverent does not progress at all. I tried 2 different killers and 2 different survivors(I was told it was glitched and counted fellow survivors/self sacrifice), but nothing worked and I can't progress my entries for Blood, Brass and Grit or The Entity.

    Edit: both my issues are on tome 1, level 2

  • Rocker719Rocker719 Member Posts: 2

    I'm on PS4 as well. I got three stacks for the quest and have been unable to get a single one past that. I've tried as three different killers, with varying amounts of sacrifice kills in each. I'm going to abandon this quest until I hear that it is fixed.

  • Koro76Koro76 Member Posts: 5
    edited January 30

    My problem in Tome 1 Chapter 1 resolved after I finished a different tome challenge. However, I'm stuck on Reverent 5/13 again in Tome 1 Chapter 2.

    Update: Tried swapping tome challenges and got some more progression, but stuck again at 9/13.

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  • hannibal322hannibal322 Member Posts: 11

    I have tried it with tome 1 and tome 2 and cannot make progress on either. On tome 1 i got 1 to count but idk how.

  • hannibal322hannibal322 Member Posts: 11

    I went and did a bunch of other challenges and came back to this and I still can't progress. Which sucks because I love lore and I can't get to the stuff locked behind this challenge

  • hannibal322hannibal322 Member Posts: 11

    I think I finally solved this thing. My sacrifices only seem to count if I get them in the end game collapse. I am fairly new to the game so am I just misunderstanding sacrifice to entity.


    I have the same problem on Xbox. Tome 1 level 2 reverent, I’m stuck at only two sacrifices and I tried various killers.

  • ransak123ransak123 Member Posts: 1

    Platform: PC

    Description of the issue: The challenge Reverent in book one, in the compendium, does not update sacrifices after each game.

    Steps to reproduce (if possible): Play the game and sacrifice any survivor with any killer on any map, and it will not count towards your total sacrifices.

    How often does this occur: Every game.

    Date is 3/9/2020

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