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This recent "live" q&a.....

So first, a live stream should include live questions, not a sifted-for-safety list. Being cowards because acknowledging you're bias towards survivors isn't ok. The lobbies for survivors are terrible due to no one wanting to play killer. Why is this? Well it would be because even the worst player can become at least a purple rank just by using the overpowered perks and unnecessary items given to them. On what world does a human being have anywhere close to the power of these supernatural killers? NONE would be the answer. Yet you blatantly coddle the survivors because it, "wouldn't be fun?"

Newsflash! It's NOT fun. It's boring as a survivor because it's too easy, and NO ONE wants to play killer because you've broken the matchmaking so hard it only gives red and purple rank survivors, most of which are teams, to ALL levels of Killers. These same survivors them message the Killers after and gloat, talk trash, bully, or otherwise demean the killer-player for not being able to kill them. Devs, it's time to wake up. Killers need to abnormally strong, if this is the way your going to treat the survivors. In one year, it's gone from Killers being monstrous (the way they, as monsters SHOULD be) to wet noodles.

I literally just play three matches in which I used Wraith and his iridescent add-on that lets you see gen progress. The FIRST gen was done in 57 seconds. Then, they spread out and gens 2-4 were done in 2 minutes and 17 seconds. They stopped to break my totems, which took approximately 3 minutes to find and complete, then popped the last gen and left within another minute and 27 seconds. I got ZERO hooks, in less then 50 seconds was looped past 6 pallets within 3 in-game meters of each other, and two different players attempt to bait me into two endless loops because you still haven't figured out that adding a pallet around closely clustered debris with a built in vault is and always will be a horrible idea. Killers have NO counters to this. Your window blocking entity isn't good enough to prevent it, and quite frankly, after your obvious bias in your stream toward survivors, I don't understand why you can't figure out your game is broken.


  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    There are more than enough killers playing.

  • Cable2486Cable2486 Member Posts: 249

    No, no there aren't, but that is for identifying yourself as one of the coddle survivor mains. Lobbies are long because there are too many survivors queued, and not enough Killers. Survivors wait nearly 10 - 15 minutes, versus Killers having about a 30 second wait with full or nearly full teams spawned in almost instantly. What this means is that there are more survivors than killers queued and ready to play at any given moment. The matchmaking needs to be fixed so that ranks stay where they should be, and not so skewed. But everyone wants to play survivor bey all the best perks are free, and the rest aren't hard to get from the shrine or by spending a few bucks to get just the characters. But the best killer perks belong to killers you must buy. Then, when killers gain to much, they need them and buff survivors.

    They basically stated they want killers to break the meta and use different perks, but the survivors don't have too. That's bullshit. You can't even get some of the objectives in the rift because of it.

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 636


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