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What killer should I buy?

I'm a beginner.

I bought pig, she's good but disadvantages the way I played her were that in some maps crouching limits your vision because of the view, and the ambush attacks make that stupid pig noise giving survivors plenty of time to escape, but even still I did good with her.

Any recommendations? As a beginner nurse for example is just unusable for me at the moment and I get bullied all the time.

Thanks in advance.


  • CabbageCabbage Member Posts: 307

    Doctor, Freddy, Myers or Ghostface would be the ones that I recommend for you, as their mechanics and powers are not all that hard to get to know.

  • kreeper124kreeper124 Member Posts: 456

    Spirit or Freddy are good killers, and some halfway decent perks. Really any killer besides clown and legion are at least somewhat viable

  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 1,811

    I’d say Freddy.

  • Xx_Daniel_xX69Xx_Daniel_xX69 Member Posts: 112

    My personal choice would be Ghostface or Plague.

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    Anybody but clown. Getting 4k with clown is hard even for experienced players. He has no strong advantage and has nothing in his arsenal to create pressure and he has no stealth.

  • John_DoeJohn_Doe Member Posts: 236

    I'd say Doctor if you're on pc and freddy if you're on console.

  • Samwise444Samwise444 Member Posts: 183
    edited January 2020


    It really depends on your play style and what your current set of killers includes for your game station, if you don’t have LeatherFace, I would highly recommend leveling him up to get Barbecue and Chili to get tracking perks. It will help you as you are learning know where people hide on maps and when they are going for priorities. If you let me know what you are looking for your in play style we can direct you to a good killer. Because really we can recommend what is suggested but it might not work with you. Feel free to DM me if you want.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,242

    Get the Doctor!

    Nothing can stop the return of the Sith!

  • XergeXerge Member Posts: 924


  • PokemonGOPlayerPokemonGOPlayer Member Posts: 174
    edited January 2020

    If the lower point of view is a problem for you I advise against getting Hag, I don't know which Killers you enjoy so I'm unable to give other suggestions.

    If you like Pig for the Stealth aspect you could try Ghostface.

  • killdekillde Member Posts: 53

    I usually don't do stealth all that much. With pig I did use it. A problem I have is getting looped, I used pig's ambush attack to get a short sprint to counter looping. Another problem which is major is unhooking, survivors sometimes just constantly unhook each other.

    I would love to win chases, avoid getting looped and not have survivors unhooked. I think I play aggressive most of the time.

  • Samwise444Samwise444 Member Posts: 183

    I would consider using Trapper, Huntress, Spirit, or Doctor off the top of my head.

    Trapper will allow you to place traps at important loop location and cut them off.

    Huntress will allow you to punish for pallet drops and window vaults. There is a bit of a learning curve with her but she can be deadly. I main her as killer.

    Spirit will allow you to Phase to catch up to survivors and confuse them at loops. Takes some practice, but highly rewarding.

    Doctor has Shock Therapy which can cancel survivors actions at Windows and Pallets.

    Finally, Freddy is not on Switch, so I don’t play him. However, his dream pallets and Snares also help him greatly in a chase.

    I would suggest looking at these five and experimenting to find which one you like.

  • BlindMoleBlindMole Member Posts: 357

    Leather face - - > get his perk barbecue and chilli on your favourite killer - - > enjoy them blood points

  • WeckWeck Member Posts: 3,352

    Whichever you think you'll enjoy their playstyle the most.

    There's no wrong answers.

    Unless the answer is clown of course.

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139
    edited January 2020

    You shouldn't even play this game anymore as killer.. Since the nerf of ruin(and a lot of Killer add-ons), a lot of killer mains quit.. So don't bother.. Just play a different game.. Because by the end of the day because of the stupid matchmaking, you'll be facing God Looper Red Rank Survivors as a Killer.. You'll get destroyed and eventually quit because you can't get 1 Kill as Killer..

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,397

    For perks get:

    Leatherface for BBQ&Chili

    Clown for Pop goes the weasal

    Plague for corrupt intervention abd infectious fright

  • Samwise444Samwise444 Member Posts: 183

    Well there are legitimate concerns about the game, this was not what this person was asking. Let them decide for themself if they want to play the game instead of forcing them out.

  • DragonOfPainDragonOfPain Member Posts: 139

    I should force them out.. Because the devs treat killers as trash.. Now with nerf ruin and the upcoming nerf of Gen Slow Perk.. Expect more of Killers to quit this game... The devs have no idea what they are doing, Because they themselves don't play their own game.. And they have the skill of potatoes, Whether they play killer or survivor.. So I hope this game dies when RE3 comes out with their own Asymmetrical Multiplayer Resistance.. Hope Capcom destroys this game on any platform..

  • Samwise444Samwise444 Member Posts: 183

    Not looking for a fight, but since you hate it so much why not just quit yourself. You clearly don’t enjoy the game and you should spend your time doing things you like. If you want to talk further dm me, but let this thread go back to what it was intended for and offering advice specific to the creators request.

  • sk1913sk1913 Member Posts: 84
  • NEVELEVEN11NEVELEVEN11 Member Posts: 141
    edited January 2020

    Difinitely use hag.

    I remember when i first tried killer(with freddie) i sucked and one survivor invited me to a party where they trashed me. Then I tried hag. And thebest part is no one rarely uses her. Shes just not a popular choice for some reason. That means no one complains about her abilities. She hasnt been nerfed and is a top 3 killer. Place traps near a gen or hooked survivor, and they will be tripped.

    Not to mention shes short and lean and hard to spot.

    She also has the best scare effect.

  • StormytonStormyton Member Posts: 2

    I find Legion quite enjoyable, since Survivors are at threat of being chased over their pallets and windows, but it's all a matter of preference. They're all good in their own ways though.

  • AbsolutelyAmelAbsolutelyAmel Member Posts: 130

    None! Stop giving them money until they fix the game!

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