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Legion Rework Suggestion

I loved Legion on release, but you folks at BHVR just keep hurting Legion more and more trying to work around the Deep Wounds mechanic of Feral Frenzy due to how delicate it is. So why not try a different approach?

There are 2 facts about Legion that could be addressed with rework ideas.

1) The Trailer. You folks at BHVR can't hide from the fact that a LOT of people felt lied to with what was revealed about Legion. A Killer that can act like a Survivor than strike at them?! No way!! But nope, you didn't implement that at all like as shown in the trailer.

2) Only One At A Time. Legion is legion, not a solo slasher killing Survivors but an entire gang of 4 running around stabbing people like read in the backstory of that poor worker.

Possible Suggestions:

To address these 2 issues with Legion, why not try the following? Make Legion legion. It would allow for a truly unique experience and here's how it could work. Have all 4 members in the map, 1 controlled by the player, the other 3 roaming slowly looking for Survivors. When they find a Survivor they start waving their knife around and yelling while facing the direction of the Survivor sending a notification to the Legion that's being controlled by the player. They then click the power key to assume control of the Legion that is sending the notification, much like how Hag teleports to a trap that has been triggered. After taking control of that Legion Feral Frenzy activates automatically for set time and the chase begins.

To address the trailer, have only the player controlled Legion wear the mask while the 3 AI Legions not wear their masks to potentially surprise Survivors thinking they're Survivors sneaking around, and when the Legion changes to the player-controlled Legion they put on the mask and the chase begins.

My suggestions are no where near perfect, but this will allow Legion to be LEGION as well as make the trailer not a complete lie. You folks at BHVR took my suggestion for Freddy's rework with the fake pallets, which I absolutely loved that you used my idea for them haha. So maybe hopefully you'll look at my suggestions for Legion this time around too.

Thanks for reading!


  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

    Edit: Hey folks, how about shooting some feedback here as well commenting on either my own suggestions or dropping off your own ideas.

    Let's try to get the devs attention for a more positive change for Legion rather than just these reworks that seem to either be just nerfs or added restrictions.

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