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Killer Ragequit Survivor de-pip?

GrimzGrimz Member Posts: 1
edited August 2018 in Balance feedback

It's very common to see especially at low ranks killers may often get mad and quit early on due to many reasons. In such situations is it right to punish the killer the survivor or both? At the moment it seems to punish both, yes you are given iridescent survival but early on this could often mean you still de-pip not even black pip do you guys think it should automatically give you at least a black pip so you don't derank due to a killers temper? Also you can often lose valuable Offerings which I don't appreciate when they may not have been used I think this needs to get looked at once again if the Killer gets a bigger bonus for survivor rage quit then so should survivors. And maybe look at keeping your Offerings. Thanks for your time.


  • LeveNukeLeveNuke Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2018

    It's the same if all 4 survivors disconnect, and it always has been.

  • jakeb_1993jakeb_1993 Member Posts: 50
    True, but it takes alot more for four survivors to quit. There should be some protection regarding quitting, both for survivors and killers 
  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 9,723

    @jakeb_1993 said:
    True, but it takes alot more for four survivors to quit. There should be some protection regarding quitting, both for survivors and killers 

    Its actually quite frequently nowdays. Survivors simply dont wanna bother playing a 3vs1, so they DC too.

    But your suggestion goes in the completely wrong direction, there shouldnt be a protection for DCing. DCing needs to be REDUCED by PUNISHING for it. Any other competitive game does that and I dont understand why you can DC literally every game and keep going, its ridiuclous

  • foxboxunionttvfoxboxunionttv Member Posts: 39
    You dont depip when the killer leaves you get a safety pip. The way the game works is you load in and it instantly removes a pip, when the game ends a safety pip counters that then the additional pips push it up. It just looks wrong on the end screen cause the devs dont show that part properly. 
  • ill_Boston_lliill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 25

    I never depip when the killer quits even though it says i do its a bug

  • foxboxunionttvfoxboxunionttv Member Posts: 39
    It just poorly designed where you lose a pip going into the game and get up to 3 back. 1 is safty 2 is the increase of one and 3 is the increase of 2 which is poorly designed i feel like
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