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Okay, so we know that The Clown is kinda good at chases, but has extremely little to no map pressure, right? So I have an idea. It might sound crazy, but bear with me and please be nice, hahaha!

The Clown now has a secondary power called "The Act" (name can be improved).

When standing in front of a locker, pressing and holding the M2 button will now initiate the "smear" action instead of a bottle throw - allowing the Clown to smear and mark a locker, up to 6 lockers. The Clown will take one of his bottles, remove the cork, and splash it onto the locker. Smearing after the 6th will automatically vaporize the earliest smear. Auras of smeared lockers will be shown to the Clown, while Survivors will see a faint pink cloud above/around the locker (need to look carefully in order to see).

Press and hold the secondary action button (Ctrl) while looking at a smeared locker to begin performing The Act. Survivors begin to hear a jack-in-the-box music.The Clown throws a bottle in the air (or just holds it above his head), smashes it with his weapon, and a thick gas cloud pours on him. Once the cloud dissipates, the Clown is no longer there, but teleports to the selected smeared locker just as the music ends, violently breaking out of it - similar to a survivor's rushed action, but causes the locker to be destroyed. The Clown continues at a regular 115% speed upon exiting a locker, while his terror radius instantly sets at 32m (not gradually starting from 0 to 32.) If a survivor happens to be inside the smeared locker when the Clown performs The Act, the survivor is pushed outside of the locker by The Clown and is immediately put into the Dying State. The Entity will repair the locker after 45 seconds, clean and without smear.

The Act has a cooldown of 45 seconds and its effects can be modified by add-ons. The duration of The Act is 3 seconds and can also be modified by add-ons.


Oxalic Acid (Rare)

  • A substance stolen from a drugstore that increases the volume of a solution, without increasing its toxicity due to its weak nature.
  • Increases the amount of lockers The Clown can smear by 1.

Methylphenidate (Rare)

  • Stimulates euphoria in the user, giving a surge of energy.
  • Reduces The Act's cooldown to 30 seconds.

Street Uppers (Very Rare)

  • Induces uncontrollable hyperactivity upon the user. Use sparingly.
  • Speeds up the jack-in-the-box music and reduces The Act duration to 2 seconds.

Phenolphthalein (Very Rare)

  • A liquid added to make some solutions colorless.
  • Smeared lockers no longer show pink cloud.

Tainted Robe (Ultra Rare)

  • A robe that gives wearers a mysterious look - intensifying cinematic effect and garnering more suspenseful reactions from the audience.
  • Survivors no longer hear the jack-in-the-box music.
  • Reduces the amount of lockers The Clown can smear by 3.


  • The concept of the teleport animation is based on him being a clown. Majority of clowns perform magic tricks, and perform stuff meant to "surprise" audiences, and catch them off-guard, so this served as the inspiration for that.
  • The Jack-in-the-box effect is meant to be a jump scare for survivors as The Clown is most likely to smear lockers near generators. The Clown will break out as soon as the music finishes, so survivors can choose to hide, or risk being attacked by staying on the generator. Also, the goal for the image of him breaking out of a locker is a deranged, violent jack-in-the-box.


  • The Clown is bigger than a locker, so clever animations or considerations are needed to make his break-out animation creepy and scary and avoid making it comical. But still, making it look comical can feel very menacing. (SOLVED)
  • Some maps have few lockers. But I think this is very minor.
  • Since there will be an abundance of add-ons for the clown, maybe some of the existing green and yellow add-ons can be downgraded one level to make way for this one? The current brown add-ons don't feel like any help anyway as they are too weak.

So that's it. Any thoughts guys? I hope you could upvote this post so it can have a chance to be seen by the devs. I mean, they just released the Doctor update, they're probably already working on something for the next update, so they have a lot of time to consider this idea IF they see it. I'm not requesting an upvote just to get popular. I'm also just posting my YouTube channel to show you that I'm a legit DBD player. I JUST WANT SOMETHING DONE FOR THE CLOWN. Hahahaha! :)


  • Changed the animation from rushing out of a locker, to breaking the locker in order to compensate for The Clown's size.
  • Added a timer for when The Entity will repair lockers.
  • Teleporting to a locker now removes that locker's smear, to allow The Clown to smear other lockers without vaporizing previously set smears.
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