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Rift Progress freeze!

Nudge4511Nudge4511 Member Posts: 34

I've finished level 1 in Tome II and now how usually you can grind gameplay to earn rift fragments after time, well there's no experience bar in the Archives tab. I've been stuck on the same number of rift fragments for far too long as if it's froze.

Where's the experience bar or has it been removed so you can only earn rift fragments by the tomes now?


  • GeminiCrowGeminiCrow Member Posts: 55
    edited January 2020

    You're earning them, it's just not showing.

    (I thought this was happening to me, too.)

    Check your progress and play 2 or 3 matches. It should have moved.

  • th3th3 Member Posts: 1,697

    I filed a support ticket and the visual bug should be fixed in the next patch according to the response I got.

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