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Why is slugging for the 4k even still a thing?

It made sense back when the hatch was completely survivor sided. However now the hatch is massively killer sided so why is slugging for the 4k still a thing

It’s arguably the dullest part of the game. You removed hatch standoffs because it was dull but why not this?

I can’t help but feel you cave in to too much pressure from the killer mains that make up the majority of your forum.


  • YourFatherYourFather Member Posts: 76
    edited January 26

    Slugging is still a thing to counter DS,Borrowed Time,and every hook related survivor perk.

    If u wanna be the person that counters slugging go ahead.

    You have tenacity,unbreakable,adrenaline,empathy and no mither.

    Combined with a good team the slugg build is non existent.

    I rather prefer to be the guy that is beating up totems every game with the small game perk.


    Everything has a counter,the things that cannot be countered will nerfed, is that understood?!

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 449
  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 1,541

    Umm....the killer can close the hatch now in case you didn’t know.

    It just stops the game from dragging out.

    Pick up survivor -> they’re down again -> pick up again -> they’re down again - pick up again etc

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 449

    A killer hooking someone for a kill will not beat a survivor to the hatch unless they hook right next to it.

  • ChunChunMaruChunChunMaru Member Posts: 44

    Scenario 1: You don't slug the last survivor. You don't know where the hatch is. Odds of finding survivor or hatch is ???%. Maybe you have BBQ (which has counterplay). If you find the hatch, gates are powered. Chances of finding survivor before or at a gate ???% (unless the gates are super closed together, which is RNG). Nothing is sure. I'm just taking random chances at this point.

    Scenario 2:You slug the last survivor (and they already used unbreakable or don't have it). Survivor (does not have key) must either make their way to save the downed survivor or risk a gen. Chances of success for killer +++%.

    The first scenario is all chance. I, as the killer, am not obligated to give a chance at the hatch, especially when I'm weakening my own position to kill you. Which is my job. To kill you.

    In the latter scenario, i'm already assuming two things. That unbreakable was already used or not in play. And the 4th survivor doesn't have a key. If either one of those are in the game. I lose my slug or the other survivor escapes anyways.

    This is a survivor's rule book type of deal.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 987

    Because some people care more than others about leaving no witnesses.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 1,541

    Killer moves faster than survivor and killer can move freely whereas survivor has to stealth. Killer will find the hatch 9 times out of 10.

    Its not a survivor rulebook deal, its cutting out the boredom deal....like when they had to create EGC because killers didnt want to walk to exit gates and hit survivors out

  • TheDarkWallTheDarkWall Member Posts: 95
    edited January 26

    While personally I don't bother slugging for 4k for the most part as I simply don't care enough and still see it as a win if a survivor gets hatch, I understand why others do it. The hatch in and of itself is a win that has not been earned at any capacity. It is kept in the game to give survivors a small chance to survive even when they've not earned it so that they don't just take the game hostage and hide non stop. But none of that changes that they have not earned that escape. So the odds aren't in their favor for getting it anymore (which it shouldn't be given the nature of the hatch), but if a killer can do something to make it so that the dice roll of you getting an unearned escape never happens, then it's perfectly reasonable to do so. The same logic of saying the killer should not slug for 4k because it holds things up can be stated that the survivor should give up rather than making the killer slug for 4k. In the end, both sides will do their best to win and nothing is wrong with that.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 1,541

    Who says they haven’t earned it?

    I have to put in more effort as survivor than I do killer. Some games I get more than twice as many points as the next survivor.

    The team didn’t earn it but it didn’t mean specific survivors didn’t work their ass off in that game to carry the dead weight.

  • ChunChunMaruChunChunMaru Member Posts: 44

    Well yeah, the get out of jail free card SHOULD be in the favor on the killer. But it doesn't stop survivors from camping the hatch, having come across it earlier, etc. You are not entitled to the hatch. If you want to end the game quickly, then just suicide into the killer. In the same way survivors expect a killer to let go of a survivor during EGC because "the game is already over", then you should just let the killer kill you because "the game is already over".

    And who decides who earned a hatch? You? I'm sorry, but DBD is a 1 v 4 game. You're part of a team with the other survivors. Survivors need to realize that TEAMWORK is supposed to decide whether you live or die. If your team sucks, then you die. OR you get LUCKY and find the hatch. Emphasis on the luck.

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