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Add ons and offerings need some attention

I would like to suggest a decrease in the cost of some offerings that are rarely used/not as valuable as they used to be.

Since survivors nearly always spawn near each other, or around the corner the shroud offerings for spawning together is just a waste of bp in most cases. I rarely see it used. Can Shroud of Binding be decreased from its 6k bloodpoints to say 4k and maybe lower the shroud of union to 3k respectively. I always wince when I have to purchase it and have used it maybe twice in the two years I've played DBD. I don't know if survivors used to spawn far apart in 2016 but its next to useless in my opinion.

BNP, with the nerf (which I think was a good idea) it is not as valuable. I'd like to suggest it be decreased from ultra rare to very rare.

Finally, less map addendums and prayer ropes in the bloodweb and more common offerings for bloodpoints. I struggle to keep bloodpoint offerings on my mains while I don't even use map addendums and prayer ropes and I have a ton. I have a hunch the data would support that they are not used as much by anyone.

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