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Decisive Strike and Borrowed Time Rework Idea (to avoid abuse)

So I have noticed that some survivors (red ranks...mostly SWFs) will abuse Decisive Strike and Borrowed Time. They will not be followed off hook and around 30-45 secs later come back to protect a friend from getting downed just to get picked up and DS the killer and waste their time (this is against the intended design of the perk...its suppose to prevent direct tunnel) SO I recommend that with DS once unhooked if survivor is not chased and once out of killer terror radius the perk deactivates after 30 secs

Now with Borrowed Time I think there should be a cooldown with it...because IMO recusing a hooked survivor INTENTIONALLY in front of killer seems like its against the design as well...I see this perk abused all the time. Perhaps a 60 sec cooldown would make it more balanced?


DS= Rework as tunnel perk only 

BT= add cooldown 


  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 215

    I like the borrowed time cool down idea.

    DS should only work when the killer is within let's say 40m and still have a 60s timer. Not terror radius dependent since there are plenty of stealth killers.

  • danph7danph7 Member Posts: 24

    that sounds good...forgot about stealth killers

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