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(unfortunate souls) Who still play Nurse, thoughts?



  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 1,693

    Very occasionally. Her greatness is only a memory. Devs will never admit they were wrong in listening so they avoid the issue, push it under a rug, and hoping nurse mains would go away.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,253

    Nurse mains rise up

    Seriously though I'll lurk for a little bit and have bursts of activity on here just so she never completely leaves the forums. Well, me and plenty of other Nurse mains. We have to keep the spirit alive.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    The cooldown mechanic was just the traditional lazy dev fix but I much prefer it over a bigger cooldown that was necessary for old nurse

  • TroTro Member Posts: 221

    Or we can keep asking and hopefully someone will listen and fix her.

  • SirBassingtonSirBassington Member Posts: 8

    Red rank Nurse main here, I still play her since her change, it has done nothing to affect my playstyle. TL;DR in the bottom paragraph; but, Nurse is as easy (imo) as before so here is my not-so-short explanation why:

    When I learned how to play Nurse (~6 or 7 months after her release) I played her without addons as at the time they changed her power too much to be predictable. I learned how to utilize my blink amount and when I should or shouldn't blink. A survivor running in the open = double blink; survivor running to a walled off area with a whole bunch of lockers/hidden views = single blink/fatigue and listen for auditory cues on where they are moving to or from. Back then I never blinked right after a fatigue because the more I blink the more I fatigue (i.e. less sight on survivors [not good]). I used my blinks in variable amounts of time (close to than what we have now) to get to the survivors, play variable mindgames, and have fun, all while not 'try-harding' too much.

    How does that work with the 'new' Nurse change? Absolutely nothing changed, it enforced my wait a certain period before blinking so I can maximize my visual perception while in a chase, when I need to blink I am left with a view of the ground and audio for my main perception.

    Nurse is only as good as you make her and that can be dependent on certain maps or against certain groups (aka SWF groups - tbh I love these groups, they normally are really fun and others are easy to get a 3k/4k but I'm not here to gloat - I usually let most groups go as I can pip easily without many sacrifices at red ranks). But if you have problems with Nurse you either took advantage of then more than 2 blink Nurse addons or blinked as soon as your fatigue was over - obviously neither was fun to play against since that made Nurse easy to catch up to people and break most chances of escaping. As a Nurse main who never did such things I frowned on those kind of Nurse players as it was an obvious game design flaw in her - which has been removed for obvious reasons.

    If you want a good build to help you learn her run the following: BBQ and Chili, Thanataphobia, Agitation, and Bloodwarden. That's it. Why? I'll tell ya! BBQ will let you hone in on where survivors are if not in range of the hook, this does not mean you need to go after them, but its nice to know who/how many is/are close or not to a hooked survivor. Thanataphobia slows down the game just a little bit for you to keep the game in your favor. Agitation will speed up your carry speed to faster than your normal movement speed by just a bit, this allows you to hook someone faster and give you more time to get back to learning her ability and playstyle that works for you. And finally Bloodwarden, a lot of people will sit at gates once open against a Nurse because they think they can wait on you to be near and then escape - you are the slowest killer afterall. If you have downed someone most teams will still wait inside or near the gate which gives you ample opportunity to down more survivors - and this will teach you how to play the EGC with her should the survivors get cocky).

    TL;DR: Nurse is good if you know how to maneuver around the map with and without using blinks. Not all hits have to be right after a blink. Not all chases end or start with a blink. Have patience and take the time to use her, she is amazing when you get to know her (and you can run them around once you know how to play her!). It's still fun to play her vanilla (no addons, perks, offerings) and just go about happily. My recommendation to play Nurse: 10/10! These Nurse threads should stop as it just takes some time to learn a killer who is rated as "Hard" in the game and not let a few matches ruin it for them; I sometimes have bad matches but that's happens on both sides no matter who you play or run, its just a time of the day/night thing and who else you are playing with really.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,253

    I'm glad you still have fun with her, but we haven't been saying she isn't viable, just very unfun.

    You have 2 negative feedback responses every single time you use your power, and now using your power to move like you're supposed to is a punishing BHVR because if you stumble upon a survivor you're most likely going to have used 2 blinks and the chase won't even start because you're needing to wait again for your power. On top of it you get punished for mind-gaming with your blinks now and basically forfeit chases if you miss a critical blink now because the distance they can gain is insane and they could just very well hide before you can even walk over to the area.

    It's just a hat on a hat of dumbness, and I know you could've come up with a better change that feels just as, or very close, to as fluid as she was before because she is janky as [BAD WORD] now. Regardless of how well she can perform, most of us who enjoyed her don't like getting slapped in the face every time we blink and especially when bad survivors can just run in a straight line and delay you wayyyyy harder than their skill level should allow for.

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