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Rank Update Error Megathread

PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,889
edited January 2020 in Other

Since the 3.5.0 update, the rank update error seems to have made a resurgence. We're currently looking for anyone who is experiencing this error to help us pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue in order to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you are having the "Rank Update Error", please comment the following below:

  • Which platform you are on
  • How frequently you get the error
  • When you started receiving the error

Someone from the Dead by Daylight team will contact you privately for more details.

Thank you!

UPDATE: We've got a bunch of info to look through for now, but if you're looking to help, please feel free to continue posting below. If we happen to need more logs, we'll start contacting you guys again.

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  • LegionGhostfaceLegionGhostface Member Posts: 161
    edited January 2020

    Platform: PC

    Frequency: Honestly, maybe 1/4 games (3-4 out of the 12 I play).

    Occurrence: Right after the 3.5.0 Mid-Chapter update.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,605
    • PC
    • Once
    • This month's rank reset
  • Flambo007Flambo007 Member Posts: 19

    Platform: PC

    Frequency: 3/4 games, sometimes like 3 in a row will work, then the next 6 won't

    Occurrence: Since the 3.5.0 Update

  • UpsettingDruid0UpsettingDruid0 Member Posts: 20

    Platform: PC

    Frequency: any game I pip or depip as survivor or killer

    Occurrence: since patch 3.5.0

  • Twenties20kaTwenties20ka Member Posts: 181


    An error appears every time I get / lose a pip.

    The error first appeared immediately after the release of update 3.5.0.

  • LiannetLiannet Member Posts: 86

    PC. Russia.

    This happened every time I got or lost a pip.

    I have trouble with update of rank since 2 April 2019. But it was hidden. After the chapter with Ghostface I began to see "Play pips error". I was forced to play with VPN. After "The Strange Things" this error disappear and I became to play without VPN. Unfortunately, this error returned at the beginning of 2020.

    I haven't this error when I play on all PBT.

  • AllastorAllastor Member Posts: 1


    When I'm about to rank up or when I get a pip. I reinstall the game sometimes, and I could rank up, but the error came back in the new rank. Sometimes it appeas when I pip, sometimes don't, but it aways appears when I should rank up.


  • andy77andy77 Member Posts: 28

    Platform: PC

    Frequenzy: Every 7th Match (3.4.0); Every 5th Match (3.5.0)

    Occurence: Since Patch 3.4.0 Oni Chapter. Appeared after "An unknown error occured"

  • El_ZilchoEl_Zilcho Member Posts: 1


    Rank update error 2/3 matches and unknown error 1/10

    unknown error post 3.4, rank update error post 3.5

  • geofu098geofu098 Member Posts: 16


    I get the error after every match

    I had the error before (after the ghost face update) and after the 3.5.0 update

  • NiiXNiiX Member Posts: 1

    Platform: PC.

    Frequency: Pretty much every game I play.

    When it started: This months rank reset.

  • ZoondaZoonda Member Posts: 4
    edited January 2020


    I get the error every match I pip/depip

    Since I bought the game, it was still 3.4.2

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  • theone102397theone102397 Member Posts: 1


    still has the rank update issue its random

    update 3.5.1

  • MPYMPY Member Posts: 2
    • Which platform you are on: PC
    • How frequently you get the error: Almost every game (killer/ survivor)
    • When you started receiving the error: Patch 3.5.0 | Mid-Chapter

  • AlexanderRenzAlexanderRenz Member Posts: 1


    every game i play, there's like a 5% chance that i won't get the error.

    Patch 3.5.0

  • seffardseffard Member Posts: 40

    I play on pc. This error had very rarely happened before 3.5.0, but now it has been at the end of almost every game I would pip and sometimes in the middle of the match.

  • mdevmdev Member Posts: 2
    • PC
    • Every game
    • Patch 3.5.0 | Mid-Chapter
  • TyphonTyphon Member Posts: 1

    PC. Yesterday played fine, today again returned..

    Crashes saying:

    "Unhandled Exception" or

    "Unreal Engine couldn't retrieve due to D3D being lost", (something like that)



    Player ID: 76561198981061383

  • th3th3 Member Posts: 1,716
    • Which platform you are on


    • How frequently you get the error

    Every game I pip/depip as killer and survivor

    • When you started receiving the error

    Ever since the 3.5.0 update, reinstalled twice and also validated game files many times. Hasn't fixed it.

  • PeenutsButt3rPeenutsButt3r Member Posts: 695
    edited January 2020

    PC - I had this problem once like 2 months ago, I quit dbd for a while before coming back to dbd when the rank reset and receive that error and not seen any yet during recent matches.

  • shinsegishinsegi Member Posts: 1

    all games have rank update error after every game. Please fix this, its really annoying. You cant spectate after you die

  • ZireaelZireael Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2020

    Playing on PC platform.

    It happens almost every game except I black pip, so if i lose or get a pip i get error.

    It started happening about around June or July 2019, i don't remember which patch was it.

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  • DiacepamDiacepam Member Posts: 1
    • En qué plataforma estás -PC
    • Con qué frecuencia recibe el error -A diario y casi en cada partida.
    • Cuando comenzaste a recibir el error -Desde el nuevo parche/tomo.

    -Tengo en mi perfil gran cantidad de fotos sobre cada uno de los errores que estoy sufriendo, ademas de varias que no he querido subir... y sinceramente, me esta fastidiando mucho la experiencia de juego...

  • shadowalkersshadowalkers Member Posts: 7


    Every game

    Since october 2019

  • BuzzaragBuzzarag Member Posts: 3


    Every Game (my guess everytime I'd rank up)

    since I started to play the game again a few days ago

    any idea when it will be fixed? So I know when to return to the game or even if to...

  • Dekurion93Dekurion93 Member Posts: 1




  • arstaiarstai Member Posts: 1
    • PC
    • 5回中4回くらい
    • 3.5.0から
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