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Suggestion - Perk Rework: Blood Warden

Blood Warden is pretty nice but having to hook a Survivor during Exit Gates being open is really irritating (especially if they're the ONLY survivor left because the others exit immediately when one downs); but I think it could be a little more interesting if it were reworked slightly. My suggestion:

Hex: Blood Warden

Once Exit Gates are powered, if any Dull Totems remain, one of them becomes a Hex Totem with this Hex. Once an Exit Gates is opened, that Exit is blocked by the Entity for 10/15/20 Seconds. Activates for each Gate.


Once Exit Gates are powered, if any Dull Totems remain, one of them becomes a Hex Totem with this Hex. Once the Exit Gates are opened,Survivors inside Exit areas have their auras revealed to you for 30/35/40 seconds. Downing a Survivor during this time causes Exits to be blocked by the Entity for 5/10/15 Seconds.

Not only does this make Blood Warden slightly easier to actually get to trigger and be effective; but it also gives Survivors more incentive to break Dull Totems around the map (which I honestly think the game needs more of instead of just 1k Bp; It needs more late-game Hexes that bounce to Dull Totems that are ignored).


  • RainbowSuperLokiRainbowSuperLoki Member Posts: 48

    The problem, good sir, is that your version of the perk actually makes it worse than it already is.

    Blood Warden isn't so bad as it is right now. I don't really think it needs change.

    Your idea with the Dull Totems makes it more similar to NOED and is quite a good idea, but the problem is that you've made the effect significantly worse.

    Blocking the Exit for 20 seconds, is, sadly, too inconsequential. Even though it is harder to pull off, blocking the exits for 60 seconds is much more powerful and actually gives you time to get a second hook.

    The nasty part is also the surprise. If you open the gates and you see they close right as the exit is visible, there is no surprise element anymore.

    I like the idea to exploit Dull Totems, but I think you've made Blood Warden almost unusable due to the way this rework's effect is tremendously weaker in length than the original one.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    Honestly the numbers were adjusted because I felt Survivor Mains would come in and be like "that would be way too long" if it was the 30/40/60 Seconds blocking that it is currently by hooking during EGC.

    If I had it in the optimal suggestion - Same 30/40/60 but either made into a Totem or I do like the idea of it being a surprise if it was changed to just downing the Survivor and not hooking them. But thanks for the feedback!

  • RainbowSuperLokiRainbowSuperLoki Member Posts: 48
    edited January 2020

    I get what you mean.

    I think we can get a middle ground. Something like 40 seconds max. sounds okay strong.

    For the downing part, I get why you would like it better that way, but honestly, does it really make a big difference between downing and hooking ? I know hooking takes a little more time, but from my own experience, few survivors actually exit before you show up at the gates, so the effect usually gets to trigger before the survivors leave.

    The other problem with your rework, though not as important, is that it does not necessarily block the two gates at the same time. That doesn't necessarily mean it is bad, but one of the perks of the original Blood Warden is that while it is active, no one can leave. And that's about it. They're literally stuck in the realm for 60 seconds, which I think was part of why the original perk is a fun and nasty surprise.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    Honestly the only reason to change to downing over hooking is because overwhelmingly any matches I play as a Killer; I usually have: only 1 survivor left (either the ABSURD amount of Survivor DC's took care of 1 or 2 prior or I killed them already; or the other 3 are teabagging in an exit gate somewhere) once they actually get downed then as soon as I grab them , if there is enough EGC time the others will sometimes try to come save - or they just flee that instant making Warden pointless; or I have multiple survivors alive and down someone, but then get bodyblocked/flashlight stunned or some other mechanic in the Exit Gate area and they crawl to their safety.

    I get what you're saying about affecting both gates and I would definitely say to go back affecting both at the same time if the perk was change to have longer times. Really the biggest downside I see with changing to downing over hooking it is encourages the killer to down someone to trigger it -- and then slug 'em and go down the others while they can't escape instead of having to worry they'll be unhooked by someone.

  • RainbowSuperLokiRainbowSuperLoki Member Posts: 48

    I see. Makes more sense that way.

    I think Blood Warden is cool but it has the same problem as Rancor, it kinda requires you to lose the game to become effective in the first place, and it is not always easy to secure the effect.

    I agree with the unhook part though. I had not seen the problem from that angle because usually at this point in game when I hook someone, they are dead which allows me to make full use of the time I'm given, but it's true that it's not always the case. I think you have a good idea, it could use a few adjustments to be properly good while balanced but it could very well happen !

    If you have time, I made a post about the need of a greater variety of perks like Rancor that allow to mori with requirements, feel free to check it out if you also love a good mori that you work for ! :)

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 2,057

    What's with everyone suggesting turning perks into hex perks (and weaker versions of the original non-hex version, too?) blood warden works just fine the way it is now.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    A lot of it? To push Survivors hunting down totems to slow the game down a tiny bit. Right now, it is primarily - tap on a gen. Did Ruin or Huntress' Lullaby pop up? No? Then not much need to worry about totems because NOED isn't as rampant as people make it out to be. More perks becoming hexes, especially those that use Dull Totems to do it would force survivors to at least be encouraged to break the Totems for more of a reason than just 1k BP.

    As for the being weaker -- because if they were as strong or any stronger to compensate, they'd be shot down just as hard because they're "too strong" or "too challenging or annoying" for survivors to go against.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 2,057

    Then make the current Hex perks stronger, not killing actual good perks by making them Hexes that'll get destroyed within 2 minutes. If they want to slow the game down then they can add new objectives, not ######### everything over by making everything a stupid Hex.

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