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Groans of pain silenced

Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: i got hitted by killer (not downed) and my groans of pain got silenced

Steps to reproduce (if possible): basically by getting hit from health status to injured status is not common it happens.

How often does this occur: Not really common, I were playing as Claudette and killer hitted me and got silenced but once I crouched it got back to normality


  • Mirel1337Mirel1337 Member Posts: 11

    It's been for quite some time, if you crouch and get back up, you'll hear them, and now Iron Will doesn't do his job.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 641

    This is a big problem. They've acknowledged that it's a problem and they haven't fixed it. Did all the individual who programs the sounds take all of December and January off? Did they die?

  • ÁyaxÁyax Member Posts: 2

    I was about to make another topic about this. Yes, it stills bugged. I've played in Léry's Memorial Institute as a Spirit and everyone were moaning and grunting except a Jeff Johansen. At first I thought he would have equiped Iron Will + Calm Spirit. But he didn't even make a sound while vaulting, totem cleansing or anything. I ended the match and his build was Distortion, Decisive Strike, Self Care and Dead Hard. No sound supressing sounds perk. It felt unfair.

    It this helps, he was equipped with a key and his skins were default. Some of their perks were not at level III like Dead Hard.

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