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Nerf Borrowed Time



  • TheMythAJTheMythAJ Member Posts: 9

    all things considered i don’t think borrowed time needs a nerf. it’s extremely straight forward.. either you’re close enough for it to work, or you’re far enough for it not to; not to mention devour hope & make your choice promotes leaving the hooked survivor anyway.

    a spirit with devour hope or make your choice combined with nurses calling can negate the terror radius, earn a stack for devour/give the unhooking survivor exposed status, potentially locate survivors if healing, down one, (potentially two rapid downs with MYC) hook the survivor(s), rinse and repeat while becoming an overall more deadly killer & turning the tables in your favor. add on something such as haunting grounds and u can punish survivors for playing too close to one another (at the price of not knowing exactly where devour hope is). a play style like that will negate BT essentially making them only have 3 perks, slow the game down a lot in terms of gens (even more so if u add on ruin or pop) and save urself a few controllers in the meantime.

    its not abuse of a perk for someone to intentionally take a hit. it comes with its own con of having to mend. yes as a killer you’re taking additional time to entertain a chase you could’ve avoided, but the unhooked survivor is left useless (objectively) for 20+ seconds.

    this game can seem unfair for killers or survivors when facing the right opponent(s). when you’re a solo survivor & u don’t run DS and no one has BT meanwhile the killer intentionally chases u, (frowned upon or not, it happens often in red ranks if gens are being popped enough) it’s frustrating.... simultaneously as a killer if ur play style kinda revolves around being relatively close to the hook but not focusing on it, then BT or DS can be annoying.

    just as some perks are simply more effective & make the game much more challenging than others, so do some killers abilities and add-ons. if your biggest issue revolves around swf & difficulty dealing with BT or DS, choose a statistically better killer. if you find the better killers less fun & you wish to have a more entertaining, but less effective killer, then be prepared to be frustrated when u can’t counter certain perks that seem “broken”. i personally think BT is too situational to be nerfed.

    & for the sake of keeping the “nerf BT” argument even remotely valid, let’s not mention eboni mori’s that come in the bloodweb pretty frequently after lvl 35, or some pretty game-changing add-ons that killers can use

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 985

    The only thing I would change about BT is the way it stacks in a SWF and also... maybe hide the timer.

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