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how skins SHOULD work

PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 400

for survivors: hair, hats, glasses, piercings etc, shirt,gloves,shoes,shorts or similar, bags and addons.

for killers: weapon, torso,legs,face,hats,shoes,gloves,item skin.

why i say this is because when your character is unique you will want to play more the game, and we will be able to get universal skins like a shirt that wears adam and quentin (the characters that have the most quantity of skins in the game obviously).

the glove idea came from ash williams surely.

everyone wants to do a beach hillbilly with a blue shorts with yellow flowers, and a flip-flop or crocs and finalize the survivors with a magic hat and his bbq weapon.

the game isnt scary anymore and you guys will see this on the player satisfaction survey so let us be happy use a gentleman monocle and a walking stick

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