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New Idea for Hex Totems

What if when a Hex Totem is destroyed, something happens. Each Hex could potentially be reworked to have it's own special ability once the totem is destroyed. Examples, once the Hex totem is destroyed Ruin could make skill checks have a 5% chance of being a Ruin Skill Check. Thrill of the Hunt could cause all survivors to be exhausted for 60 seconds when the totem is destroyed. Noed could injure the survivor that destroys the totem. One could respawn another hex totem once it's destroyed. I believe there's a lot of fun and mind games to this idea. It makes the survivors have to actually think and it makes them have to sacrifice something in order stop an entire killer perk. What do you guys think? I feel that this idea has a lot of potential. Thanks for reading!


  • UtnaUtna Member Posts: 186

    I feel like some totem like Ruin or NOED are already strong enough on their own. Of course I realise hex totems are being cleansed very quickly, but I guess that's because survivors are so bored to see those two specific perks all over the place, that their mind is set on "go cleanse totem" mode, right at the start of each game.
    Of course your idea is still interesting for other, less mandatory, hexes. But my gut tells me it might be better to nerf Ruin and NOED just a little bit, instead of boosting all other hexes ; then make a perk giving hexes a chance (let's say 25%/40%/50%) to respawn on a random dull totem, after being cleansed.

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