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New Killer Idea - The Shadow

This was just a random idea I had and thought I would throw out here, even if it is terrible and gets shot down like 90% of the posts on this forum. Anyway, so the basic premise of this killer is a semi-stealthy killer (more on that in a little bit) that possesses the ability to quickly traverse the map in a manner similar to the reworked Freddy.

General Appearance -

This is where the semi-stealthy nature of the killer would come into play. While most killers are iconic or grotesque in their appearance, the Shadow would literally be that -- a tangible, shadowy, semi-transparent silhouette of a man/woman/who cares really. with two glowing red eyes (so Survivors know where you're facing or not) On darker maps, the killer would be hard to see approaching you - but he would still be vulnerable to aura reading perks and his terror radius alerting Survivors to his presence. The weapon for this killer would be a clawed, deformed hand that fades into view with each attack. Cosmetics could include things like body 'shapes', eye colors, and hand/claw appearances.

Power -

The killer's power would be known as 'Shade Walk'. The basic ability of this power would be similar to the Nurse's Blink - but instead of being chargeable, the killer is instantly sent forward upon pressing the Power button a certain number of meters, ignoring collision (I'd say... 12 or 16 meters, something decent) and their camera/model is rotated in a complete 180. What this does is provides a different method of closing the gap with Survivors - by reappearing in their path and forcing them to have to find an alternate route on the spot. This would be particularly useful at whisking yourself into pallet locations to cut off a Survivor's escape route. This ability would have a moderate cooldown, something like 35-45 seconds before it could be used again; affected by add-ons.

The secondary ability of this power would allow the killer to press the Secondary Action Button on a locker and 'slip inside it'. Then, the killer has 5 seconds (to avoid killers just sitting in lockers like a surv would) to choose another locker that lights up for them (like Freddy's generator teleport) and teleport to it (I would say instantly due to the 5 second timer; but maybe a 1-2 seconds cast time) where they materialize in front of it facing away from the locker. All lockers auras are stationary and do not react to being interacted with while visible. Lockers that have survivors currently inside them are still viable targets - but since the killer is not spawning inside the locker or anything, they just appear right outside of that locker and can still be unaware it has someone hiding inside. This ability would also have a cooldown similar to Freddy's generator teleporting; affected by add-ons.

A third, minor "ability" of this power is that you do not produce a red stain.

Perks -

These ideas are pretty basic and mostly deal with status effects, and mostly just a few things I haven't really seen on the perks list.

Nightbringer - Darkness does not exist without the light; but that doesn't mean you have to like the light. Whenever you kick a generator, that generator immediately regresses by 5/10/15% of its current progress before entering normal regression. Whenever a generator is completed, you gain 5% Haste for 2/4/6 seconds.

Encroaching Darkness - Your supernatural presence affects the natural world around you. Each time you down a Survivor, all other Survivors are moderately Hindered and have their action speeds reduced by 3/5/7% for 4/6/8 seconds. This perk is put on a 45/40/35 second cooldown once activated.

Overwhelming Darkness- You dark presence overwhelms your victims as their final hour looms near. Once the Exit Gates are powered, all remaining Survivors are inflicted with the Oblivious and Exhaustion for 40/50/60 Seconds and have all active Haste effects' durations reduced by 25/50/75%, rounded. All Survivors affected by Exhaustion have their Exit Gate opening speeds reduced by 5/10/15% as long as they are exhausted.


  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,318

    The power seems lacking, there is slight mobility and chase potential but it doesn't really fit the theme of a shadow imo.

    Nightbringer: Fine I guess

    Encroaching Darkness: Also fine...

    Overwhelming Darkness: That also works...

    Perks are meh but fitting and power is meh and also ??

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    I can see where you're coming from. The 'Shadow' idea is basically from his appearance; his ability to move across the map; and his ability to phase into view in front of the survivor during a chase or to surprise them.

    Perhaps, if keeping with the status effect theme of things, the power caused Survivors that he passes through using his power to be Hindered for so many seconds - allowing him to use it to slow down an active chase victim - especially since the power activates instantly and wouldn't have a 'charging' sound or cue the survivors could use to just move to the side.

    I sort of went for a more 'underpowered' approach instead of jumping to overpowered (or what sounded too strong to me). The perks, were just things I don't see much of -- Nightbringer is a way to regress/slow gens a little more efficiently, especially if you can pair it with Ruin; Encroaching punishes grouping Survivors or those trying to body block/follow you; and Overwhelming weakens things like Adrenaline, Sprint Burst, and Hope when the gates are open (I had considered it to just automatically end any Haste effect that would be active; but then I figured it would be too strong as a direct counter to Adrenaline's speed buff).

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