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Matchmaking and ranks (a suggestion of change)... also a lot of words to read

I'll wait for the new "hidden mmr" to come out but I think expanding ranks should also be implemented

Keeping the color types the same but ranking should be from 10 (or 20) to 1 and not allowing low ranks to play with high ranks (cause I believe that has something to do with new players not enjoying there time in games, sorry to anybody who does like that challenge but let's face the fact that lower ranked players shouldn't be able to play with or against high ranked players)

It would allow players and devs a better understanding of how different players skill and play styles and what can be looked at for changes

For example Ruin, in this new system would have more information and data to say it needed to be changed (but it's too late for that now)... but for other changes (for killers and survivors) it would help in the long run

Also for those newer players they can actually take their time to learn the game and a chance to level up the killers/survivors they play as and learn the play styles they want to (and come up the new builds along the way)

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