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Use playtime for matxhmaking (in addition to any other system)

Kalec84Kalec84 Member Posts: 410

Is just an idea, but since my gf started playing i keep seeing rank 16-18 survivors with 1500+ hrs of playtime, with full perks and p3 characters...

I'm no expert but i think is quite easy to see that they dont belong to that rank...

Why not use playing hrs to decide matchmaking? I mean, is quite obvious that a 110hr killet should never go against a 1500 hr swf team...

Or do you think it will be "fun" for the killer?


  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 1,012

    Easily abusable. People would just create new accounts with 0 hours to bully newbies. There will always be a work around for people who just want to be toxic as possible.

  • Kalec84Kalec84 Member Posts: 410

    Yes, buying a new game every time, 20€ to bully a killer without perks, still better than now and every month you have to redo it, fine by me.

  • Kalec84Kalec84 Member Posts: 410

    I mean... in kne year we are around 200€ per player... devs should think about the possibility...

  • MikeasaurusMikeasaurus Member Posts: 1,012

    Consoles would juse need to re-create a new account and boom. They get the game since it's on their console. PC just have to link another Steam profile to their main account and they get access via their new profile. As I say. Always a workaround.

  • Kalec84Kalec84 Member Posts: 410

    Still a bully with no perks, better than nothing, everithing have a workaround, but doing nothing is worst

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,016

    I actually really like this idea. I think it would give a far better representation of player ability than pips do.

    As for people making new accounts, sure, fine, but they won’t have any top tier perks. Furthermore, there will always be someone to abuse any new feature, so that’s not really a legitimate argument against any otherwise good idea.

    Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the OP sad this would be PART of the matchmaking formula, not the entire thing. Personally, I think it would be great to take hours played into account.

    One concern I have is console players. I play PS4, and maybe I’ve just never looked in the right spot, but I’ve never seen where it tracks my playtime. Is it tracked behind the scenes, or does BHVR not even have access to such info on console? I know PC players are always bragging about their hours to each other though.

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