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Please, stop punishing Stealth gameplay, Devs - A Fix

I'm not talking about 'immersive' players that the community brings up in each of these posts - not the players that are too scared to do anything but roam the map never working on generators or unhooking their allies or anything. I'm talking about actual stealthy gameplay.

I am talking about players that are better at roaming the map and avoiding being seen or chased by the killer (which should be a main priority of Survivors instead of wanting to be seen and chased); working on and completing generators; and unhooking WHEN IT IS SAFE (it is not being 'immersive' if you are not stupid enough to run to unhook someone when the killer is puppy guarding/face camping the hooked survivor as is the norm since Ruin's change - because ironically Killers know Survs won't use that time to finish gens and will still try to save their ally).

I get it. BHVR wanted to 'encourage' what they deem as more fun and engaging matches so they punished the logical aspect of Survivors not wanting to be found by the killer; and instead reward Survivors for running around like a tweaker in town square by giving them substantially more bloodpoints than the Survivors who actually manage to get their objectives done AND do so without being found or noticed by the killer for the majority of the match.

The 'fix', I think, is rather simple -- implement a bonus bloodpoint gain at the end of the match for Survivors, not tied to any category (killers already get more bp because of the fact they have to keep getting more add-ons because they're "too powerful" if allowed to keep them ).

At the end of the match, the total match time is tallied -- from start of match to START OF ENDGAME COLLAPSE. Then - it is mathematically proportioned for 1,000 points for each minute of game length -- Survivors get a portion of the points for how long they went during the match without being found by a killer or in a chase. (So if a match lasted 4 minutes, it would reward 4,000 BP proportional to how long a Survivor managed to avoid the killer during that match - 3 mins unnoticed = 3,000 BP earned).

Of course, BHVR LOVES its BP caps to keep the grind going; so the max for this pool would be 8,000 (category cap) or 8 minutes of actual match-time. A side-effect, I think, to this fix would also be to help slow games down some -- because Survivors wanting the most BP would want to try to draw the game out a little longer without rushing the gens - but also do so without trolling or taunting the killer the entire time.

This way, Survivors that stealth and manage to get their objectives done are rewarded for all of their gameplay - while Survivors that decide not to play as stealthy still get the rewards for unhooking and chases that the stealthy players normally miss out on. It would balance it back out and allow for stealth gameplay to be a viable alternative that isn't horribly less efficient in terms of bloodpoint gain. It also rewards ALL Survivors for doing what the game advertises they are supposed to do -- avoiding the killer and surviving.

Because it does not include the 3-minutes of EGC and because it would have a limit on it, Survs that camp the Exit Gates until the last second wouldn't get 3,000 more BP from it; and the 'immersive' players still wouldn't get that many BP - but what a lot of people call 'immersive' really isn't; it just isn't playing the 'bold' and 'altrustic' gameplay the Devs try to force.


  • PlaquerPlaquer Member Posts: 197

    The problem with stealthy gameplay isn't that others think its boring, its detrimental to your team, when the killer only has 3 targets, they are going to kill those 3 a lot faster than 4, not to mention if you proceed to hide after unhooking a survivor, you're basically putting a huge bullseye on the unhooked teammate who is now groaning in pain and leaving a blood trail and is now close to death. I understand stealthy gameplay and there is a time and place for it, especially when you can't afford to be chased (dead on hook, in a dead zone, etc.) but constantly hiding and focusing objectives can get all your teammates killed. Please, don't just let your teammates die while you hide in a bush. P.S., if you hide instead of taking a hit when a fellow survivor needs help is the worst thing you can do, I have had many occasions where immersed players ignored me and let me die instead of taking one hit and extending the chase and possibly even saving my life, players being so against attracting the killers attention can only cause harm to their teammates.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    The problem, however, is that being overly altruistic can also feed the killer 4 kills instead of only two or three. If stealth wasn't as punished by being not as effective for BP; I think more Survivors would adopt that playstyle and there would be less of a "need" for overly altrustic gameplay emphasis like we have today. No, it is not "smart" for all teammates to rush to a hook that a killer is staying near - and more likely than not feeding them more injuries and downs than if you had just focused objectives a while longer, even if it cost your teammate a hook state and they went into struggle phase or something.

    And again, I'm not talking about the "immersed" players that don't help their team at all. I'm talking about not being rewarded for not feeding a killer and weakening your team by taking hits - putting yourself in danger of being downed so your teammate has a better chance of escaping alive (which at that point is just a 'i want to survive' mentality swap between the stealth player and the player that got caught); taking a hit so now both you and your teammate are injured; running to a hook so the killer can slug the survivor you unhook then chase you down and slug you too as punishment because he was puppy-guarding the hook to begin with and you are punished for not giving killers the chance for more injuries/downs if they stay near the hook.

    The overwhelming problem with the game right now is a Survivor gets hooked and ALL THREE other teammates stop doing any objectives and rush to that hook, where the killers are overwhelming just camping or puppy guarding and proceed to often times, get another down or immediately re-down the unhooked survivor, putting them in dead on hook state because everyone keeps trying to unhook, because you are rewarded with far more bloodpoints for doing that.

    Couple that with the 'We no longer have Ruin so we don't know how to play any other playstyle' killers that have adopted just camping and hyper-focusing their hook targets into oblivion. Or those killers that are so toxic about the Ruin change that their mentality is literally 'I'll just play this toxic/perceived toxic playstyle as punishment to the Survs that took my precious Ruin perk away from me'.

    And triple that with the pathetic Survivor mentality of "I'll just DC" if any little inconvenience happens to them -- Reached struggle phase on a hook - DC; downed after being unhooked - DC; Killed on Hook - DC before animation finishes to award the death (something else that needs to be changed, death should be awarded immediately upon the 'stab' of the animation not animation completion). This mentality makes playing the game of altruism that the Devs want to reward even more worthless because you wasted objective time on someone that just DC'd because they want to keep their items/addons, hurt killer pip chance/de-pip themselves/or are just pathetic individuals that should go play other games because now they have just hurt your team far more than the player completing objectives and playing smarter and stealthier.

    Another overwhelming problem is survivors sprinting EVERYWHERE - especially when unhooked, leaving scratch marks that just lead to them instead of taking opportunities to crouch/walk away from where they were and getting away from killers far more often. But that's an unrelated issue I think.

    Yes, playing stealthy is more of a 'make sure you survive first; if you can, make sure a teammate can survive' instead of this 'try to make sure your entire team survives, even if it means rushing a hook and getting everyone injured' mentality -- but it should not be punished with inefficiency because of a forced 'morality' system that the Devs want us to believe would exist in a situation like this.

    Stealth gameplay should still be a viable option for BP gain and playing -- and even with this proposed fix, you would still get "more" BP for playing your altrustic game -- but you would no longer get an overwhelming amount more and all players would benefit from the increase BP bonus gains for time not engaged with a killer - even the altrustic ones.

  • OhnoesOhnoes Member Posts: 608

    Stealth doesn't work with the way the objective is set up. It would be more viable if there were a different game mode that wasn't centered around m1/m2 for both sides.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    I'm going to have to a disagree with the premise of this -- but say that it doesn't work right now because of how Devs want to 'reward' gameplay. It isn't 'rewarding' to play stealthy, because Devs don't want stealthy games. They want to pretend this game has 'action and thrill' during chases, when it doesn't.

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