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Spirits Phasing too Quiet??

FinnickFinnick Member Posts: 2

Platform: PC

I just had 2 games against a spirit and the phasing sound seems so so quiet compared to the in game sounds, like nearby completed gens / nearby gens in progress / chase music / heartbeat

Most of those sounds just trump over spirits phasing sound

Even in general, some sounds seem way to loud and just try to overlap each other and make it a shitfest when trying to hear for anything at all


  • luciisaloserluciisaloser Member Posts: 1

    Yeah, I consistently have issues where the Spirit does not make any noises when phasing, or it's really quiet, and muddled in-betwixt the rest of the noises within the game.

  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 134

    Same issue as luciisaloser, I heard Spirit phase once at the beginning of a game then never again.

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