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after some weeks playing survivor i think i will not be a killer main anymore

i always was a killer main, played survivors only for daily and swf, the reason was that playing solo qeue as surv was like signing a death contract for stupid decisions on another teammates.

today after some weeks playing survivor i decided to play freddy to complete a daily (im rank 1 in both roles with more than 1000 hours in the game in all plataforms) but in this match i saw that i was sweating my ass off and only got 2k using dirty perks like bloodwarden and noed.

saying that the reason i think killer is not my favorite role anymore is cause they have to deal with some mechanics that is needed to make the game work but is frustrating to take it as a player.

being survivor you are singning up to eat things like

-no healing

-no gen repair by other survivors

-getting hit

-getting hooked/ struggling (yes i want your spacebar/x button broken and your finger joints too cause i do not care about your healty and i will say that this is immersive)

this i all things that will happen everygame, but you can deal with you know is not stressfull like

-can heal with self care, medkit, find another 2 survivors if the third one is not going to heal you. its lots of ways to deal with that

-do gens yourself, get a toolbox (the others will be bait just let them die do it and go out, if this is not happening get a hatch no stress)

-getting hit is stressfull i know but you can loop A LOT and the hit mechanic give you a SB so its not bad

-you can use adam perk to get out hook by yourself, you have 4% base too and if slugged use bill perk no stress bro, the worst cases just [BAD WORD] and take your bp easyyy

now killer side is stressfull

-finding immersed survs/2 gens pop 1 hook

-eating pallets

-kicking gens and pallets

-working under pressure



-game hostage

the early game is not for you, sometimes you will walk all the map on gens and will find no one cause they are donig chest or totems, but they can detect you so when you pass by them they will start to work on the gen while you will be iniciating all the walk in all gens again meaning if you dont find anyone on the reset you will get to that gen again in 90% completed or already popped

if you do very good you will get your first hook when 1 gen is popped BUT to die survs need to be hooked 3 times, in other words a 1 hook 1 gen in the final of the game will give you a kill and almost a second one(tunneling of course but good survs will rotate the hooks or just ds you to reset the chase) 5/9 hooks

Hooking can be stopped by bodyblocking or saboting or flashlight saves reseting your chase on that guy so ill give you like 25 seconds to get him downed again. (remember someone will always be reapairing at least 1 guy)

chases, ok so a perfect chase will be like 30 seconds besides that you will be losing a lot of your time and less than that i will think that you got that survivor by surprise while injured or he is pretty bad. i say that cause most of the time you will be following him along a loop and the survivor will drop the pallet and if you break it he is on another loop, otherwise he will stun you (this is not fun to the player the sensation is the same to be downed recovering you are just standing still the diference is that you will feel it lots of the time in all of your games but in minor portions, in the survivors case getting slugged is rarer but last longer, besides that we have the killer stun noise that i will say the huntress sound is the most triggering) so you lost time enough to the surv get in another loop, if you respect a pallet you will walk the loop more and if you mind game it youre just wasting time as looping but gambling a hit that sometimes never will happen in safe pallets. ah and gens will pop.

getting stunned blinded and things like that can give you a t bag or a pointing in the face and that will trigger you more so not fun.

kicking gens takes time as breaking pallets, the time in the kick will make the survs have more time to hide better and they will screw the time you took kicking the gen just by pressing m1 for less than a second.

flashlights we have the click click click trigger cause this mess up our audio even more

after suffering trying to hook after all of this we can just jump into a hatch with a key, you cant do nothing i will sit on the hatch and t bag you taking the game hostage until you come to see me tbaging to open hatch and go out the match

game hostage applys to end game collapse it should help the killer to not be bullied after five gens are completed or give the survivors a chance to do totens but they can 99 the gate and still take the game hostage, if you go open the game by yourself you will not be chasing anyone so youre just giving up your minimal chances to get a kill, besides that you will still be hostage for the end game timer.

I will not even talk about SB when you find the immersed guy that will comeback and gen tap your kicked gen if you not chase him

and will not talk about BT giving a fully reseted chase to survs.

in resum i am having fun as survivor playing alone and i can sustain myself by my own everything other survs do is just stonks to me, i do not plan playing killer besides the tome and daily missions and i will use only dirty things cause killers have more triggers to deal with than survs.

nobody will read that all but is more like a thing a needed to let of my chest

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