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Latest player satisfaction survey - proposal

TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138
edited February 2020 in General Discussions

I would really LOVE if you do the following thing regarding this survey:

With all the amount of hate that has been done with the latest patch regarding the ruin change and not addressing some other serious issues(I'm speaking from a main surv perspective), I've seen some interesting questions in the survey and I'd be delighted if you do one thing with it: MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY!

That meaning, showing for each of the 40+ questions you've had in the survey how people responded exactly to each of the questions addressed there, in terms of percentage!

I am really curious to see how community feels at the moment related to each of the questions asked in the survey... It's not like I don't know that the general feeling is not a really positive one at the moment, but showing the exact answers would really shed light to all of us of how the game is perceived.

With all the amount of backlash that has been done since the Ruin change, a change that has dissatisfied me COMPLETELY, this one thing would somehow make me satisfied for the moment and hoping better times would come for this game!


EDIT: Corrected some spelling mistakes!


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