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Saying noed is a crutch and for trash killers is a horrible and DISRESPECTFUL statement

hex_genrushhex_genrush Member Posts: 736
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I can’t believe survivors are crying about noed begging for a nerf when it has some of the most straight forward counters just cleanse you have no one to blame but yourself for getting killed by noed. Saying it’s for baby killers or bad killers is straight up degrading, imagine bashing someone for using a perk in a VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!! I have 1000+ hours 50/50 I have never used noed before the ruin Nerf since the nerf I’ve used noed for all of my killers except Freddy and billy. Noed is not a crutch perk, it’s a fail safe perk that gives you downs, just that little bit of motivation keeps the killer playing in the match and not dcing so next time you survivors get hit with noed, just know ITS YOUR FAULT

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