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Wraith When Cloak or Uncloak bug (from survivor FOV)

cinqscinqs Member Posts: 2

Platform: PC

Issue: I got this bug, after the update 3.5.1. every time i go against killer Wraith, the texture of the killer is everywhere, and blocking the FOV of my game as a survivor. But, if it's near enough (i think it's 6 meter maybe/while in chase), the bug is gone. But, beyond that 6 meters mark, the outcome would be it's blocking some of the FOV or majority of FOV.

Before i was playing with my other friend, and got Wraith as the killer, on my screen the texture bug exist, but in her screen, there was no bug at all. So, i got confuse.

Steps to reproduce: I don't know if the killer using a specific kind of perks or addons, to triggers this bug. Or maybe some players that get this bug.

How often: Everytime i go against the killer Wraith in a match. Well it's like 8/10 match it occurs.

Hope you're reading this Dev of BHVR.

*this is an example of what the bug looks like from my FOV when the Wraith isn't cloaking. It's not that much in this SC, but majority of the time, it will block most of FOV i have. (60 to 75%-ish you get the point.)

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